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In the 21 years since Combilift was established in Monaghan with a handful of employees, it has become one of the world’s fastest growing forklift manufacturers. The product range has grown significantly since the first C-series multidirectional Combilift launched in 1998. At least 30 models are now available, all ensuring safe, space saving and productive handling and storage. Combilift’s workforce at its global HQ and manufacturing facility now numbers around 650, an increase of 100 since it opened in May 2018.

An expanding company depends on an expanding workforce and as Combilift has doubled in size over the past five years it has needed to ensure a good pool of qualified people available to fill the vacancies that arise on a regular basis. These include skilled technicians, design engineers, logistics and supply chain specialists and people with mechanical and electrical mechatronics skills.

Working with local education and training providers the Monaghan Institute, Combilift has initiated the Traineeship in Engineering course and developed the OEM Engineering Apprenticeship. These give students the opportunity to develop cutting edge engineering skills and gain on-the-job experience while training and allow Combilift to grow by creating a pipeline of well-trained future employees. All those who successfully complete the Engineering Traineeship are interviewed for full-time positions .

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