95.jpgNew paper-pulp packaging solution for ready meals. Safe to handle, secure in transit, strong environmental credentials. An innovative and environmentally friendly packaging solution which has captured more than 70% of the US community meals market and is used to provide more than 5,000 community meals every day in the UK is now being marketed as an ideal tray for speciality, low-to-medium run ready meals producers.

The system comes from Oliver Products and comprises a flexible selection of multi-compartment, environmentally friendly paper pulp trays which stay cool to the touch but bring freshly sealed, hot food straight to the table. The trays can be frozen to minus 40°C and heated to 205°C in conventional or microwave ovens.

UK Business Development Manager Peter Prior said: “Many companies who produce organic foods, vegetarian dishes, ethnic meals and similar speciality dishes are eager to demonstrate their eco-friendly credentials by moving away from materials which have high environmental impacts in production and in the waste stream. Our trays are made from sustainable paper-pulp sources and have proven appeal to consumers. The system comes complete with easy-to-use sealing machines which are sized according to meal output.”

Oliver trays, known in the UK under the Olipak brand, come in a choice of fill depths, colours and compartment configurations. The sealing film for lidding adheres FIRMLY to all of the compartment top surfaces, preventing different elements of the meal mixing together before the lid is removed by the consumer. The lidding film can be provided ready-printed with company logo and/or freezing/re-heat instructions.

“Whilst we entered the UK market specifically in the community meals sector because of the safety and security advantages of our trays, we quickly learned there is a large untapped market in the consumer ready-meals sector, particularly for those meal producers who have strong eco credentials and whose customers are alert to environmental impacts common with other packaging types,” said Mr Prior.

Oliver has been serving the USA food sector for more than seventy years and research across the US reveals that the new Olipak system is by far the preferred choice of professional ready meal providers and their clients.

Oliver Products has been trading from its base in Grand Rapids, Michigan, USA, for 115 years and has offices in the UK, as well as distributors in Ireland, Canada and Australia. It also manufactures medical packaging from offices in the USA and the Netherlands. The company is an acknowledged leader in biodegradable and sustainable meal tray packaging.

Oliver Products
Tel: 0800 0112311

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