cplcoal08.jpgIt is not often that coal and the environment are spoken about positively in the same breath but for a number of reasons this winter CPL, the country’s largest coal distributor and merchant, has some good news for both retailers and homeowners alike. CPL supplies UK wide commercial accounts and small independent concerns across the UK with an all year round offering of coal, smokeless fuels, restaurant charcoal, barbecue charcoals and related items. The majority of the brands distributed by the company are nationally recognised market leading products.

For 2008/09 CPL, who operate a nationwide commercial distribution service, have introduced a range of innovative new products with user friendly packaging, which will be rolled out across the country this winter. These products are not only more efficient than traditional house coals but have also been designed and manufactured by CPL to help meet the continuing concerns of the industry and consumers in reducing carbon emissions. CPL believes that these products will prove to be popular with the general public helping to increase revenue and sales for the retail sector.

Greener, Cleaner and more Efficient Smokeless Fuels.
ECOAL is uniquely manufactured by CPL using 30% renewable materials. These renewable materials come from plants that absorb much of the carbon dioxide that is released when solid fuel is burnt. This makes ECOAL much kinder to the environment than other coal based smokeless fuels. ECOAL emits only a fifth of the smoke, and produces 25% less CO2 than traditional housecoal whilst burning highly efficiently with an attractive flame for longer periods. ECOAL is, CPL believes, the most environmentally solid fuel available in the UK today and is currently available in 10kg and 25kg pre-packed bags.

Homefire has been regarded as the market leader in the smokeless fuel sector for over 40 years and is widely acknowledged as the best smokeless fuel for open fires and multi-fuel stoves. Homefire generates a lot of heat and leaves behind very little ash, it combines all the traditional qualities of a real fire, but is also slow burning and easy to control. And importantly, it produces up to 80% less smoke and up to 25% less carbon dioxide than traditional coal.

Wildfire has been especially developed for the UK market by CPL, as a cleaner and more efficient alternative to traditional house coal. Developed from specially selected deep mined coal and manufactured to produce up to 20% less CO2 when burnt, Wildfire offers all the desirable qualities of a household coal but with the consistent performance of a scientifically produced briquette fuel. The mixture of two different sized briquettes provides a natural coal fire appearance, which burns with a long attractive flame – it should be noted that Wildfire is not suitable for use in Smoke Control Areas.

As well as the new environmental range of fuels, CPL also supply a full range of solid fuel products to match every price point, including FSC certified wood products – ‘Real Wood Logs’, ‘Supapak Kindling’ and the recently introduced compressed oak logs for braziers and open fires. CPL also offer a focused range of ‘add ons’ to compliment the core range which includes firelighters and paraffin.

Deliveries are available in either large or small quantities with a 3-5 day delivery guarantee. A full range of Point of Sale items and display bunkers are also available to rent or buy from the company’s National Field Sales Team.

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