Dairy3Oakland Distribution, a subsidiary of multi temperature supply chain specialist Oakland International, has developed a new scheme in conjunction with The Dairy Trader, unique within the UK, offering an independent route to market for fresh cream, milk and chilled and ambient dairy products to support wholesale catering, and food manufacturing outlets, across the country.

A bespoke partnership, the initiative was specifically designed to satisfy the UK industry’s ever growing need for small quantity fresh catering dairy product. Oakland’s MD, Dean Attwell stated: “The scheme allows customers to buy at set inclusive delivered fixed case rates, meaning customers can buy a minimum of 1 case of each product as long as their total order for all products reaches a combined total of 100 cases.

“The Dairy Trader has a high degree of industry knowledge and expertise, with an exact understanding of the requirements of independent wholesalers, cash and carrys and food manufacturing, which has allowed us to unlock new opportunities and opening doors in a highly receptive market place.”

An additional benefit felt by the scheme has been the extension to Oakland’s geographical reach within mainland UK, including new delivery solutions being offering to existing Oakland customers.

Relatively new, the scheme already delivers a number of supplemental benefits for existing Oakland customers. Said Dean: “The scheme’s delivery routes and destinations offer existing customers with a fresh opportunity to penetrate new markets for products suitable to the catering or convenience sectors.”

Oakland’s reputation and expertise at offering innovative solutions, produced a distribution model set up to offer competitive prices at an extremely low distribution margin, enabling customers to order a fraction of the minimum order stipulations that they would normally be required to meet if dealing directly with multiple different niche suppliers.

Commenting on the new scheme, The Dairy Trader’s Director, Rob Cross, stated: “The Dairy Trader is a unique, independent consolidation service set up to supply wholesale, cash and carry and food manufacturers with catering products across the dairy range. A bespoke service, it is the only dairy consolidation scheme to offer fresh cream and milk to the whole of mainland UK. With the key benefits of the scheme including easy ordering, day 1 for day 3 delivery, avoidance of supplier minimum order restrictions, competitive pricing, and the whole of mainland UK enjoying fair and equitable delivery priority. Our unique service offer is attracting much attention within the marketplace.

“The service began on the 1st February 2010 and already feedback from The Dairy Trader customers has been excellent, particularly due to the scheme’s flexibility.”

Oakland’s Dairy Trader scheme is targeting approximately 30 scheme customers by the end of the year, which they are well on track to achieve.

Oakland International Limited
UK: +44 (0) 1527 596 222
Ireland: +353 (0) 1835 4855

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