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Peter-Vassallo-with-Blue-Motion-VWsThe commitment of Cumbrian Seafoods to reducing its carbon footprint has been recognised in the Energy Saving Trust Fleet Hero Awards 2009, sponsored by the Guardian. The company won the award for Best Private Sector Fleet (under 250 vehicles).

The award is a direct result of the enthusiastic approach to energy saving adopted by Peter Vassallo, MD and Chairman of Cumbrian Seafoods. For over 25 years, Peter has practiced a pioneering approach to responsible and ethical trading, sustainability and efficient low cost manufacturing. Whether this relates to responsible fishing or carbon emissions, the well being of the environment has always been at the heart of the Cumbrian Seafoods business ethos.

He commented: “It is particularly satisfying for Cumbrian Seafoods to have been recognised by the Energy Saving Trust, whose vision for a lower carbon future is united with our own long term strategy. We have always been determined to set the highest of standards in energy and environmental management, and the winning of this award is just recognition for the work that we have done and will continue to do in the future, and will go a long way to motivating our workforce even further.”

Transport Minister Sadiq Khan, who presented the award to Cumbrian Seafoods said “It is imperative that we remain dedicated to reducing carbon emissions in the transport sector if we are to meet the environmental challenges we face. Because of its size and influence, the fleet sector has a major role to play in making transport greener. Today’s nominees are shining examples of how fleets, of all sizes, can help the environment and save money by taking simple and practical steps.”

Cumbrian Seafoods took a number of measures, the foremost of which was switching the company car fleet, including the Chairman’s car, to Volkswagen Golf Blue motions, which have a CO2 rating of just 107g/km and achieve a staggering 65 miles to the gallon. This is estimated to save 25,000 kg CO2 per annum.

There have also been significant savings in travelling between company sites and to customers through better planning to avoid repeat journeys, car sharing, and avoiding travelling altogether through the equipping of the sites with video conferencing facilities. In total Cumbrian Seafoods have estimated that they are saving over 85,000 miles per year.

The Energy Saving Trust is the UK’s leading organisation set up to try and prevent climate change by helping everybody to cut carbon dioxide emissions – the main greenhouse gas causing climate change – from their homes and transport. They promote the efficient use of energy and a low carbon lifestyle.

Trade enquiries: Iain Lowrie, Cumbrian Seafoods
Tel: 0191 516 1250

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