When vaping really started in the UK just over 6 years ago, Decadent Vapours quickly became renowned and trusted for developing some of the most flavoursome e-liquids known to humanity.

0W6A0264Every one of our many e-liquids and flavourings was devised and manufactured from scratch, using the finest of ingredients right here in the UK.

Six years on, the market itself has grown exponentially and e-liquids are now a viable product, not just in vape shops but for wholesalers to stock alongside more conventional products.

As avid vapers ourselves, DV’s team know how important it is to be sure that what you are putting in your lungs is safe. We won’t compromise on safety just to get a crowd-pleasing flavour. Every relevant guideline and regulation is adhered to, and all our products are tested independently and at our ISO 8 laboratory. We take months in developing to get the flavour right – and safe.

Not only that, we have invested greatly in our brand to ensure that it is eye-catching, memorable and exudes the quality of the product that lies within. This brand extends to POS for our stockists to ensure customers can’t miss us.

So stocking Decadent Vapours means: great flavours, safe products and a beautiful brand that will jump out from your shelves. To find out how you can become stockists of ‘the Vapour to savour’, please contact on Kat 01792 773339 or drop her an email on Katrina.Matthews@decadentvapours.com

To see the full range of products take a look at our website www.decadentvapours.com

Tel: 01792 773339


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