cab15wr.jpgDimplex is launching a new range of dedicated recessed CAB air curtains, which offer a number of installer-friendly features to make installation quick and easy. To allow for straightforward fitting before installation of the suspended ceiling, the dedicated recessed CAB range comes with 185mm extension brackets and the grille height can be precisely adjusted to match the ceiling height afterwards. For maximum flexibility and ease of installation, the range can either be installed using drop rod inserts or by using the ‘new’ drop rod side mounts that allow the air curtain to be secured to the rods from below.

The longest unit in the range, the 2m model CAB20ER, is supplied as two lengths of 1m to minimise health and safety concerns during installations of heavy equipment, but it still requires only a single electrical power connection for the full length, making it easier to fit than other 2m units. A new ‘quick connect’ linking system that uses CAT5 connections to link multiple units further simplifies installation.

As with all Dimplex air curtains, the dedicated recessed CAB range is modular, so multiple units can be linked together as one system to cover wider doorways, and operated from the controller supplied as standard, giving full heat – dependent on model – and fan speed control. The air curtains also feature a full Building Energy Management System (BEMS) interface to give maximum control, including a timed automatic switchdown mode for optimum energy savings when used with a compatible door sensor.

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