Total Halloween is now worth a spine-tingling £470m (double the size it was a decade ago[1]) and as confectionery is the largest category purchased during the occasion[2], it provides a huge opportunity for retailers to capitalise on consumer demand.

Mondelez International is a key player at Halloween with 25 per cent share[3] and has the UK’s number one Halloween self-eat and number three novelty[4] within its range. Its treatsize range is worth over £5m at Halloween.[5] Its 2016 NPD, Ghooost Egg help drive £600,000 of impulse sales to the category during the season and this year, it is launching a new candy NPD that is ideal for the trick or treat occasion.

During the season customers want to buy trusted products from brand they love. Retailers should therefore look to get shoppers excited about the season with impactful POS, helping them to remind customers the big day is just around the corner and encouraging impulse purchases.

Spooky self-eats Leading Halloween self-eat manufacturer[6], Mondelez International’s best-sellers will be returning for 2017 to help drive impulse purchases.

Number one Halloween selfeat[ 7], Cadbury Ghooost Egg, a delicious Cadbury chocolate egg filled with gooey white fondant, returns for its second Halloween season.

Cadbury Crunchy Spider, featuring Cadbury chocolate filled with green crispy bites, is the third most popular SKU at Halloween, worth £400,000[8].

Trick or treatsize?

Trick or Treat is the biggest occasion at Halloween so provides an incremental opportunity[9].

New for 2017 is Maynards Bassetts Creepy Chews, which includes individually wrapped chew sweets with a ghoulishly good soft-filled centre in two flavours – orange and strawberry.

Top tricks for the season

• With Halloween being a shorter season, Mondelez International recommends a really tight range, clear segmentation and signposting on shelf will help boost sales.

• Spook shoppers in early October by stocking selfeat novelties. Stock a targeted range of bestsellers and innovation to avoid over-cramming the fixture.

• Spook your customers with fangtastic counter display

• On the day, or a few days before, why not create some extra theatre and get your staff to dress-up!

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