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Embassy is one of Imperial’s most renowned factory-made cigarette (FMC) brands, enjoying over a century of success in market. In order to meet the evolving needs of adult smoking consumers the brand has been repositioned from its traditional home in the Premium price sector to the more popular Economy price sector.

Tom Gully, Brand Planning Manager, comments: “Embassy has been one of Imperial’s most enduring and recognisable FMC propositions across the years. Crucially, this repositioning doesn’t involve any changes to the packaging or the cigarette itself. However, the competitive new price point will appeal to adult smokers seeking premium quality at an affordable price. We’re excited about Embassy’s future and recommend retailers stock up now!”

Embassy will be available to retailers in King Size 20s with an RRP* of £9.35 for Embassy Red and Bright Blue from 18 March. Embassy Filter’s RRP will remain at £11.95.

*Retailers are free to determine the selling prices of their products at all times.

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