The BBQ season provides retailers with an opportunity to generate incremental profits by tapping into the growth of the BBQ sauces market.

Nyree Chambers, Head of Marketing at Enco Products Limited, a subsidiary of Grace Foods UK and manufacturers of Encona Sauces, one of the UK’s best-selling ranges of chilli sauces, is encouraging retailers to respond to consumer demand for new taste experiences from around the world.

“Hot sauces are a talking point at BBQs and the versatility of the Encona Sauces range means they can be used to flavour food before it’s cooked, as a pour over on the BBQ, or simply as a dressing or a dip,” she says.

Enco Products is heavily targeting its summer marketing activity at the outdoor dining and BBQ occasion.

“The BBQ season is a time to entertain family and friends and this bodes well for the sauces market. Much of our summer marketing activity will focus on encouraging people to use Encona Sauces to bring the BBQ to life,” adds Nyree.

Originally heavily influenced by Caribbean flavours, the appeal of Encona Sauces has been broadened by the successful introduction of flavours from around the world.

The two best sellers in the Encona Sauces range are West Indian Original Hot Pepper Sauce and Thai Sweet Chilli Sauce, both of which are ideally suited to the BBQ market, along with Jamaican Jerk BBQ Sauce, Texan Chilli BBQ Sauce and American Chilli Ketchup.

Other variants in the Encona range include: Thai Chilli and Garlic Sauce, Thai Chilli and Ginger Sauce, Indian Sweet Mango Chilli Sauce, Barbados Creole Pepper Sauce, West Indian Smooth Papaya Hot Pepper Sauce and Louisiana Cajun Hot Sauce.

Encona Sauces will feature in national food and lifestyle magazine advertising throughout the summer, complemented by major sampling activity at the high profile English Heritage Picnic concerts, reaching hundreds of thousands of outdoor diners.

Enco Products

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