Confectionery is worth £5.5bn within the UK treating and snacking market, which itself is worth £13.3bn, making this a hugely important category to independent convenience retailers looking to drive sales.

75% of recent treats and snacking growth has come from confectionery sales alone (Nielsen).

“Consumers are always looking for fun, seasonal flavour variations to try in confectionery and we are still seeing demand for fruity flavours within the gum category,” comments Matt Boulter, UK Sales Director, Mars Wrigley. “In 2023, we launched EXTRA® Refreshers Strawberry Lemon; this launch was based on insights that show strawberry is the most popular flavour within fruity confectionery, accounting for 4 in 5 fruit NPD (Nielsen). It is also the flavour responsible for the most category-wide repeat purchases (Nielsen). Combining strawberry with a lemon twist – the No 1 and No 2 flavours for consumer loyalty – the NPD represented a refreshing move to innovate the fixture and excite new shoppers.”

New shoppers account for more than 80% of fruit gum growth (Kantar) and fruit gum is growing faster than mint, with 23% growth year on year (Kantar).

Over-indexing with millennials and Gen Z audiences, Fruity Gum is the fastest-growing gum segment with a 25% increased rate of sale. A third of Fruity Gum shoppers only buy Fruity Gum, and 70% of Fruity Gum growth has been incremental to the Gum category.

There are three subcategories within confectionery: chocolate, gum and fruity confectionery.

There has been a dramatic 597% (Kantar) increase in the popularity of blonde chocolate in the past 18 months. The blonde chocolate flavour has been found to over-index with shoppers between the ages of 28 and 64 (Kantar), making it a must-stock for convenience retailers looking to boost sales by capitalising on key flavour trends.

“Retailers should stock up on the GALAXY® Fusions Blonde Chocolate with Sea Salt block to capitalise on this ever-popular flavour,” adds Boulter.

Dark MALTESERS® caters to the consumer demand for a more intense cocoa experience by offering the same formulation that consumers know and love, but with 65% more cocoa. Stocking sharing formats of popular brands such as the MALTESERS® bitesize range can help retailers appeal to consumers planning a Big Night In, or those looking to celebrate mini moments, driving sales as well as overall chocolate category growth.

Sharing formats perform particularly well, as consumers look to come together with friends and loved ones. M&M’S® has a long-standing association with shared screen time, making the range a key consideration for convenience retailers looking to drive sales for the Big Night In occasion. M&M’S® Bitesize range is ideal for sharing, and is available in consumer favourite flavours: Peanut, Crispy and Chocolate.

65% of gum purchases are made on impulse (Nielsen) so it has never been more important for retailers to make gum available and easily visible for every shopper, every trip.

Ensuring core products in popular formats, including gum bottles, are always available and merchandised effectively will in turn boost planned and incremental purchases.

Fruity confections are growing at +17% year-on-year (Nielsen). Mars Wrigley continues to innovate and push the boundaries of fruity confections and as part of this in 2023 launched STARBURST® Fruit Squares, its first HFSS-compliant fruity confectionery. The launch followed the unveiling of Triple Treat, the first HFSS-compliant launch from a major confectionery company, in June 2022.

The Fruit Squares are made with real fruit (80% apple puree) and are high in fibre. They are available in two mouth-watering flavour variants, Fruit Mix (apple, strawberry, blackcurrant, and orange) and Tropical Mix (pineapple, mango, passionfruit and lemon). These vegan snacks are designed to meet the growing consumer desire for healthier, innovative confectionery options.

Susan Nash, Trade Communications Manager at Mondelez International, comments: “2023 saw yet another strong year of growth across the confectionery category. When it comes to chocolate and sugar confectionery, Mondelez International is Britain’s number one supplier (Nielsen) – with a mission to provide consumers with the right snack, for the right moment. Cadbury was Britain’s Biggest Brand for 2023 (The Grocer), with Cadbury Dairy Milk retaining its top spot and other Mondelez offerings maintaining a steady market presence.”

In 2024 Cadbury is celebrating its 200th year. Throughout this year, the brand will be engaging in a multitude of activities, promotions, and celebrations to mark the landmark anniversary, including heritage limited-edition bars.

The 180g Cadbury Dairy Milk Bars, as well as 95g PMP packs, are available in seven different collectable designs, featuring packaging from across the ages, starting as far back as 1915 and running right up to the present day. The striking, nostalgic packs add real theatre to retailers’ stores, and delight shoppers for whom the Cadbury brand has been an ever-present in their lives. Shoppers from every generation should be able to recognise the Cadbury Dairy Milk bar they saw on store shelves when growing up, with the inside of each pack illustrated with a special artwork documenting some of Cadbury’s milestone moments.

Cadbury has also recently released a new Limited Edition 360g Cadbury Dairy Milk Bar in a unique and attention-grabbing vintage-style design on front-of-pack as part of the brand’s 200th birthday celebrations. While there might be an appeal for traditional flavours amongst the older generation in the UK, with 22% of adults who eat them disagreeing that they like to try new chocolate snacks, they are still quite adventurous, with 51% agreeing that they like to try new chocolate snacks. 37% in the UK who are chocolate snackers agreed that milk chocolate with caramel is a clear favourite — showing a real preference for classic indulgences (Cadbury Unwrapped Report).

In 2023, over £30.4 million worth of Cadbury Duos were sold (Cadbury Unwrapped Report), and this year Cadbury has expanded on this popular Duos range by bringing another one of its leading singles bars into this growing format (Nielsen). The launch of Cadbury StarBar Duo will help retailers to demonstrate even more value to their shoppers by offering them something new in this range, so wholesalers should ensure they’re stocked up too.

The duos format offers a unique proposition for shoppers and is currently growing by 36% (Nielsen) in the category, with Cadbury Duos outpacing this growth even further at almost 54% (Nielsen). Research (Mondelez) also shows that consumers are not only choosing duos for themselves but are also sharing them so this latest addition to the Cadbury Duos range is well positioned to help retailers expand into sharing occasions too.

Bebeto the leading confectionery challenger brand, is introducing an exciting super sour NPD this summer which is set to send super sour sales soaring. New Fizzy Whizzy Weenie Worms are sour fizzy sweets which contain three exciting flavours in every 150g sharing pack: Apple & Lemon, Strawberry & Orange, and Blackcurrant & Raspberry.

Promising a tasty tingle on your taste buds in every bite, these sweets are made with real fruit juice, using only natural colours and Halal certified.

Fizzy Whizzy Weenie Worms are available in £1 PMP and standard packs making them extremely competitively priced and well positioned to capitalise on the sour trend. These affordable sweets are perfect for treating and gifting this summertime as well as driving all-year-round sales.

According to Phil Hulme, Commercial Director at Kervan Gida UK, “New Fizzy Whizzy Weenie Worms are poised to become a summer sensation, tapping into a booming sour confectionery market. Stocking up early guarantees an extended selling period, with their £1 price point capitalising on a +49% year-on-year demand.”

He continues: “Offering a unique twist to traditional summer treats, these 150g sharing bags of Weenie Worms are perfect for impulse purchases, displayed on hanging bag fixtures or as part of summer displays. Expect shoppers to buy for self-treating and sharing, creating additional excitement for shoppers in-store this summer.”

Each shelf ready case contains 10 bags, making them an ideal addition to convenience retailers’ confectionery offerings this summertime.

Leading confectionery manufacturer, Perfetti Van Melle, leads innovation in the category once more with Chupa Chups, Flavour Playlist XXL – a fusion of five, mouth-watering flavours packed into one lollipop. Chupa Chups is a £17.7m brand, growing at +5% (Circana), so it’s fruitful timing for this new launch.

Available in all channels from May, for RRP 50p, Flavour Playlist XXL offers a delightful medley of Cola, Cherry, Lemon, Lime, with Strawberry bubble-gum at its core, promising a multi-sensory experience that will leave tastebuds tingling. As the UK’s number one lollipop (Circana) brand, Chupa Chups continues to push the boundaries of confectionery innovation and Flavour Playlist XXL is no exception.

Carefully curated to appeal to a diverse range of tastebuds, mixing tantalising, long-lasting flavours with unexpected twists, this ‘Forever Fun’ creation is not only big in size but big on taste. It’s the ultimate treat for teens seeking excitement and variety from their favourite lollipop brand. The launch of Flavour Playlist XXL will be amplified by organic social media, reaching that key teen demographic to drive excitement and buzz around the NPD.

Kim McMahon, Brand Manager at Chupa Chups, said: “We are thrilled to introduce the Flavour Playlist XXL, our latest innovation that showcases the diverse range of flavours that Chupa Chups is known – and celebrated – for. This product is all about pushing boundaries and redefining what’s possible in the confectionery industry – it’s a gamechanger for sweet enthusiasts everywhere.

“In addition to being the UK’s most eaten and purchased lollipop (Circana), Chupa Chups has earned a reputation for delivering fun and excitement through its iconic products; the Flavour Playlist XXL further strengthens this reputation, offering consumers an exciting new way to enjoy their favourite Chupa Chups flavours!”

Ruth Harding, Managing Director, Divine Chocolate, comments: “ We have seen a rise in nostalgic and traditional flavour profiles across other categories such as chilled desserts, beverages and sweets, and identified a gap in the block chocolate market for a range of bars that bring these flavours to life in an indulgent and premium way. As such, we have recently launched a new range of Dessert Bars, inspired by the flavours of popular puddings, including Tiramisu, Cherry & Almond Bakewell and Lemon Cheesecake.

“Added to this, we know that consumers are becoming increasingly aware of where their food comes from and are looking for brands with purpose that are genuinely making a difference, but without comprising on the product taste or quality. As the highest scoring food and drink B-Corp in the UK, using only Fairtrade-sourced ingredients, sustainability is at the heart of the Divine ethos of doing things differently in the chocolate market.”

Divine’s consumer research has shown a clear demand for a premium chocolate, which provided the flavours of nostalgic desserts, but in a fun, informal and shareable format. The launch of the Divine Dessert Bar range, inspired by the flavours of popular puddings, including Tiramisu, Cherry & Almond Bakewell and Lemon Cheesecake provides a fuss-free alternative to run-of-the-mill puddings.

The breadth of variety within the Divine range, combined with the brand’s commitment to sourcing the highest quality, Fairtrade ingredients results in top sellers across a range of categories.

Within dark chocolate, Divine 70% Dark Chocolate with Raspberries is best performing, closely followed by Divine Dark Chocolate with Ginger & Orange.

Seasonal occasions provide a strong sales opportunity, with Divine’s range of milk and dark coins and advent calendars offering a reasonably priced Fairtrade option.

In February, Divine launched a range of Dessert Bars, inspired by the flavours of popular puddings, including Tiramisu, Cherry & Almond Bakewell and Lemon Cheesecake. The Divine Dessert Bar offers a fuss-free alternative to run-of-the-mill puddings, featuring classic flavour combinations, enrobed in Divine’s signature dark, milk or white chocolate.

New for Easter 2024 was Divine’s range of Flat Eggs – a more sustainable solution to the classic boxed egg, with over 40% less packaging, and available in two flavours, spanning the decadence of 70% smooth dark chocolate with raspberry, to the creamy indulgence of smooth milk chocolate, caramel and crunch.

The limited-edition Hot Cross Bun Bar was the ultimate seasonal indulgence, featuring the classic flavours of Easter with Divine’s signature smooth milk chocolate, studded with juicy raisins and spiced biscuit pieces. “Over the past few years, the confectionery sector has experienced a wealth of challenges, be it from Brexit, Covid-19, HFSS, or the cost-of-living crisis. Despite these challenges, Divine Chocolate has remained resilient, navigating through cost pressures to maintain the quality and integrity of our products. During challenging times, the lipstick effect (when consumers still spend money on small indulgences during recessions, economic downturns, or when they personally have limited money to spend) means that despite economic challenges, quality chocolate is for many still seen as an affordable treat,” adds Harding.

“It’s likely that we’ll continue to see consumers being price-conscious, or at least for some, price-aware, so the opportunity for brands in the confectionary space is to communicate clearly their value proposition, beyond price. There is always an opportunity to add excitement to the block chocolate category, particularly at a time where consumers are looking for edible escapism.”

Elizabeth Hughes-Gapper, Jakemans Senior Brand Manager, comments: “The obesity crisis and pandemic accelerated the need for the confectionery industry to cut down on sugar. Whilst the government’s HFSS regulations may have impacted the wider confectionery market, some brands have continued to see growth.”

In January 2023 Jakemans launched a new sugar free version of the much-loved classic flavour, Throat & Chest, in a 50g bag format. This was to provide choice for consumers who were looking at actively reducing their sugar intake or where health circumstances govern their choice.

Jakemans uses only the finest natural ingredients in each tasty lozenge that bursts with menthol – an ingredient that releases natural vapours to soothe the symptoms of a sore or tickly throat and keep airways clear. Jakemans contains no artificial colours or flavours and is suitable for vegetarians.

Jakemans’ best-selling flavours are Throat & Chest, Honey & Lemon, and Cherry which is why the brand offers these in both 73g and 160g bags or stick packs which allows convenience and choice for consumers with different needs.

Jakemans is the most popular cough/throat lozenge brand (Kantar) and continues to be the No.1 bagged brand within medicated confectionery (Kantar). Sales of Jakemans have increased by 16.2% since 2022 (Mintel), and Jakemans alone contributes to 15% of overall annual sales in the category (Mintel). The ongoing success in the category can be attributed to Jakemans’ 100+ year heritage of the brand. In fact, 33% of consumers are proud to be associated with Jakemans due to its heritage, ethics and values (Mintel). Furthermore, 85% of Jakemans users would recommend the product to others (Mintel).

“With warmer weather here and people spending more time outside there is a greater demand for convenient and ‘on the go’ solutions, providing an opportunity for retailers to maximise sales,” adds Hughes-Gapper. “Colds and sore throats are still prevalent, even in the summer, so retailers should place summer ailment remedies in prominent locations to ensure products have the best visibility on shelf and are dual sited where possible to help with convenience and ease of purchase.”

Alongside this, research shows that 19% of adults are interested in remedies with different flavour options (Mintel). Jakemans provides a range of soothing menthol lozenges in a range of flavours such as Throat & Chest, Honey & Lemon, Cherry, Peppermint, Blackcurrant, Menthol & Eucalyptus and Blueberry. By having a range of flavours available, consumers can opt for their preferred taste and switch between flavours if using for a long period.

Hannah Clough, Senior Brand Manager at Mallow & Marsh, comments: “With plenty of trends currently driving the market, there’s one in particular that we’ve seen here at Mallow & Marsh which is the desire for premium, quality treats for moments of indulgence. Whilst many are looking to reduce their spending on non-essential and convenience products, many of us are still seeking premium treats to enjoy moments of escapism without compromise.”

The premium chocolate market as a whole is growing in popularity due to evolving taste preferences and a growing consumer focus on the quality of chocolate. With a rising trend towards the consumption of healthy food, consumers are willing to spend more on premium chocolate as it’s made using natural ingredients, which include higher cocoa content, as well as reduced additives.

Sharing products are also growing, with chocolate multi-packs up 12%. We’re still seeing a real customer trend towards the ‘Big Night In’ occasion – three-quarters of UK consumers have reduced their spending on food and drink out of home, instead opting for ‘treat occasions’ at home. This is driving an increased demand for sharing pack formats, such as Mallow & Marsh sharing packs, which saw a sales increase of 10% last year.

Small bite-sized treats are currently trending within the consumer market. In fact, the brand’s new research found that 50% of Mallow & Marsh customers prefer small bites over bars within the snacking category, along with 96% of respondents stating that they found the bite-sized treats both very appealing (59%) and appealing (37%). To target this consumer trend, the brand will soon be introducing Mini Mallows, a small but mighty bite-sized mallow treat ideal for indulgent me-time, movie nights or on-the-go occasions.

“Since the start of the year, we’ve had lots of exciting new product developments, including the return of our much-loved Coconut flavoured Mallow Bars. The returning flavour has been redeveloped with a new, premium recipe to deliver an outstanding creamy coconut flavour, encased in velvety smooth, Belgian Fairtrade milk chocolate,” adds Clough.

“We decided to re-introduce the flavour after consumer research showed a staggering 85% of respondents said they would be likely or very likely to purchase the coconut mallow and 89% said they enjoyed the taste.”

Moo Free, the free from and vegan chocolate experts, have launched their new Rocky Jumble share bags – a medley of chocolate covered Bunnycomb, Raisins and Moofreesas.

The perfect size for a night in or outing, the new Rocky Jumble share bags enable retailers to offer an innovative alternative in the free from confectionery space for those who may have particular food allergies or follow a vegan lifestyle.

The launch builds on MooFree’s success with its Choccy Rocks range using the same panning machine to evenly coat each ball of sweetness and tap into the growing popularity of chocolate sharing bags. The Rocky Jumble share bag (100g, RRP £3) is a combination of Bunnycomb, Moo Free’s vegan honeycomb, juicy raisins, and Moofreesas, a crispy, gluten free rice ball, smothered in Moo Free’s award-winning free-from “milk” chocolate.

As with the rest of Moo Free’s range, the Rocky Jumble product is free from dairy, gluten and soya and is produced in the UK using ethical Rainforest Alliance cocoa from certified farmers. The Rocky Jumble share bag doesn’t use any single-use plastic, and the packaging can be fully recycled.

Founded in 2010, the B-Corp certified chocolatier’s premium-quality range continues to build on its distribution and listings, as well as attracting a growing consumer base. Moo Free supplies its free from chocolate to all the major multiples in the UK, wholesalers, b2b manufacturing and export customers, and reported a record year end for 2023 with 23 per cent growth versus 2022/23.

The UK’s number one privately owned free from chocolate manufacturer, Moo Free recently implemented the latest stage in its ongoing development of traceability technology, with The Hub, an innovative new traceability module that is revolutionary for its sector, as it empowers them to achieve a full trace within a few clicks – a real USP for the industry.

Andrea Jessop, Moo Free CEO comments on the new launch: “Our new Rocky Jumble share bag is the latest result of the hard work we put into developing quality products that meet our shoppers’ needs. The free-from market has seen significant growth in the last fifteen years and is now a recognised core grocery category, with Moo Free at the helm for the majority of that time.

“Treating and snacking continues to be high priority for thousands of consumers and we hope with the new Rocky Jumble share bags that people with allergies or who follow a vegan diet don’t have to miss out on chocolate treats for sharing.”

Mark Roberts, Marketing & Trade Marketing Director at Perfetti Van Melle, comments: “The total UK sugar confectionery market is worth £1.6bn (IRI) with Perfetti Van Melle now positioned as the world’s second-leading confectionery manufacturer (Euromonitor) with their portfolio of household brands including Mentos, Fruit-tella, Chupa Chups, and Smint being worth over £100 million.”

Confectionery is one of the top five categories purchased on impulse in convenience stores. Offering a full range that supports the government’s HFSS guidelines of under 150kcal per pack – something most manufacturers can’t, gives Perfetti the opportunity to be closer to these impulse purchases.

Family favourite and top ten candy brand, Fruit-tella’s best-selling chews have transitioned to a fully vegan recipe, meaning that the brand can now deliver fruity joy to an even bigger audience of consumers. The switch to vegan will be implemented across the full range of chews including the Fruit-tella favourite Simply Strawberry, the moreish Fruit-tella Duo Stix, and the more recent edition of Fruit-tella Berries & Cherries – now available in a convenient stick format.

The chews will still contain real fruit juice and be made with all-natural colourings and flavours. All Fruit-tella sharing bag sweets are individually wrapped, and as such they are a treat that promotes hygiene and portion control. This makes them the perfect portable snack for families – be that on a long car journey, to pop in a bag for on-the-go pick me up, or to have in the cupboard for when trick or treaters come by.

“Fruit-tella has been synonymous with the highest quality sweets since 1931,” adds Roberts. “We are delighted that those who favour a plant-based diet can now join in the fruity fun too. We have worked hard to perfect a vegan recipe that replicates the taste and texture of our beloved chews, and we are certain that the new formulation will be a surefire hit with existing consumers and new shoppers alike. We look forward to welcoming some more fans to the Fruit-tella family!”

Fruit-tella has expanded into the jellies market with an innovative and interactive NPD: Fruit-tella Curiosities. The themed packs allow shoppers to explore one of four far-flung and fantastic worlds.

Now available to buy in store for £1.50 per pack, the HFSS-compliant jellies are made with 30% reduced sugar, real fruit juice, and natural colourings and flavours. ‘By the Sea’ features soft fish, starfish and crab shapes in perennially popular flavours lemon, orange, and strawberry. ‘In the Snow’ contains a mixture of penguins, polar bears and walruses that taste of blackberry, raspberry, and strawberry. ‘Out in Space’ explores unchartered taste territories, with moon, rocket and star shapes in stellar strawberry, pineapple and peach flavour, and ‘On a Safari’ features a roaring assortment of elephants, leopards, rhinos, buffalos and lions in zesty orange, apple and pear flavour.

Steven Watt, CEO at Rose Marketing UK, comments: “The driving force behind category growth is delivering exceptional value for money. In recent times, sharing bags have emerged as a clear frontrunner, demonstrating a remarkable 30% year-over-year increase in sales. Among these, the £1 price-marked bags have gained prominence. Shoppers, while acknowledging the affordability of sweets, continue to seek value in their purchases. Notably, Tango Blue Bon Bons have outshone their counterparts, boasting an impressive growth rate of 71% year-on-year.”

Moreover, insights from Kantar Lumina in 2023 reveal that 82% of retailers consider £1 PMPs as indispensable stock items, positioning them as a primary growth driver in the Convenience & Impulse sector. These findings align with consumer sentiment, as 60% of shoppers perceive on-shelf PMPs as special promotions, underscoring the enduring significance of price in purchasing decisions, especially considering the escalating cost of living (Kantar Lumina, 2023).

“It’s crucial to stay attuned to the latest pack sizes and formats that resonate with consumers,” adds Watt. “Notably, the rise in unit sales of larger bags of chocolates signifies a growing trend in multi-occasion shopping, allowing consumers to save a little on confectionery purchases.”

Rose launched the SOUR – Candy Castle Crew Mutations range, an innovative take on sour candies as it recognised the popularity of USA flavours and formats. The brand has incorporated theatre boxes and USA flavours into its offerings, catering to a diverse set of tastes who are particularly looking for a sour alternative. Encouraging 29% of eaters of sweets to try a new sweets product, sour flavours is the 3rd appeal of the listed flavour types. The launch of sweets with sour flavour combinations is therefore highly warranted, especially given the appeal of sour flavours among 40% of 16–34-year-olds, the biggest eaters of sweets (Source: Sugar and Gum Confectionery UK 2023, Mintel).

The brand has embraced the demand for natural alternatives, introducing reformulations and new products that utilise natural ingredients, including a refreshing Watermelon flavour in select ranges. There is an appeal for exotic flavours amongst 53% of 16–34-year-olds, who are the biggest eaters of sweets.

In the first quarter, Rose Marketing focused on launches for both its licensed partners and own-brand range. Candy Castle Crew has been extended with new 90g £1 price-marked sweet bags of its most popular flavours and varieties that include Rainbow Belts, Rainbow Pencils, Assorted Pencils Fizzy Worms, Fizzy Blue Bears and Bubble Gum Bottles.

This strategic new product launch comes after 82% of retailers cite pre-priced £1 bags an “essential stock item” as well as a primary growth driver in the convenience and impulse sector. The launch also responds to the significant growth of vegan confectionery globally in recent years, which according to the latest trend analysis is forecast to reach USD $2.62 billion by 2030.

Amongst the new launches with licensed partners were ready-to-eat jelly pouches in the popular Swizzels Squashies brand, perfect for back-to-school lunch boxes. It is also available in a more traditional pot format and injects a bit of fun for consumers in a relatively traditional category. Rose Marketing has additional exciting new product plans for the Swizzels brand which will join the stable later in the year. It is also adding to the popular freezable range and has new products planned with Chupa Chups, SLUSH PUPPiE as well as items to depict summer movie releases too.

Clare Newton, Trade Marketing Manager at Swizzels, comments: “Consumers are increasingly seeking convenient snack options that fit into their busy lifestyles. This has led to a rise in demand for on-the-go formats. Last year, we introduced Squashies 60g packs into our range, providing an ‘on the go’ option for consumers seeking their favourite sweet treats in a more convenient, portable format.

“We’ve also found that retro and nostalgic sweets are making a comeback, with more people than ever before admitting they love eating sweets that transport them back to childhood and that they seek out familiar favourites.”

Sub-categories such as exotic fruit-flavoured sweets with intense flavour profiles and novelty shapes/textures are driving sales as they offer unique sensory experiences.

Chews have become increasingly popular as they offer a satisfying chewy texture that people love and come in a range of flavours.

Squashies are the Number 1 sugar hanging bag brand in the market (Circana), proving just how popular the Squashies range is. Products such as Variety Bag ranges, Sweet Shop Favourite Tubs, Cartons and Pouches are some of the best sellers during spring and summer months, as they are ideal for gifting or sharing during family gatherings and picnics.

Swizzels has launched its biggest NPD for 2024, Squashies Strawberry & Cream flavour.

In June, as a result of feedback surrounding the Mallows hanging bag product, Swizzels will be launching a Mallows Countline product.

For Halloween 2024, Swizzels has the exciting release of Squashies Squeletons, each bag contains unique skeleton shapes and three different flavours: Sour Apple, Strawberry, and Orange, available to order from August.

Festive NPD for 2024 will be Naughty & Nice Squashies with Strawberry Ice Cream and Apple Pie Flavours.

The addition of Refreshers Cherry Cola Chew Bar to the existing range was also a highlight in Q1.

Swizzels is worth £96.6m in the market growing at +5.2% over the last year (Circana) and the growth seems to show no signs of slowing down.

“Well-established and much-loved brands like Swizzels that offer delicious treats at affordable prices continue to be a preferred choice for shoppers, and wholesalers looking to enhance their offering should stock up on them,” adds Newton.

“We provide bright, eye-catching displays throughout depots, teamed with frequent competitions, specifically targeted towards the needs of wholesalers.

“We also support them with a full suite of digital POS for each promotion, alongside bespoke artwork and competitions which are often customised to encourage participation in more localised competitions.”

Chris Smith, Partner Brand Manager at World of Sweets, comments: “A growing trend in sugar confectionery is the increased demand for sour flavours, as the search queries for super sour sweets have increased by 50% over the last year. Industry forecast has revealed the sour candy market is estimated to reach $2.7 billion by 2030 (Sour Candy Market Report), so it’s definitely a category worth stocking.

“Popular American candy brands such as Warheads and Sour Punch are great options for retailers who want to hop on the growing trend of sour flavours. They offer a wide variety of sour lines from theatre boxes and kids impulse products to gels and more recently freezable ice pops.”

Some of the most popular sour lines from Warheads include their Galactic Mix Cubes and Wedgies theatre boxes RRP £2.50, as well as unique kids’ novelty products such as the new Sour Ooze Pops RRP £1.29 which are lollipops filled with sour candy gel.

Also included in the Warheads range are super sour flavoured freezables which come in two formats – the new Warheads Ice Wedges RRP £2.00 and the two-in-one Warheads Snap-Ice, RRP £1.75.

Best-selling lines from the Sour Punch range include Bites sharing bags 142g £2.50, including sour Strawberry, Watermelon, Cherry and Green Apple flavours.

Sour Punch Straws RRP £2.50 are soft fruit-flavoured liquorice straws coated in a sour flavouring that can be used as straws to sip on your favourite beverage for a sour twist.

Sour Punch is introducing the exciting new Pickle Roulette line to its extensive sour candy range. The Pickle Roulette Straws and Bites are fun novelty lines which include a mix of fruity sour sweets with a few pickle-flavoured sweets hidden in each pack.


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