As if there was not enough choice when it came to e cig liquid already, a leading UK supplier of electronic cigarette related products has announced even more choice, and that is sure to be good news for the nation’s growing legion of electronic cigarette users.


Liberty Flights, arguably the premier supplier of electronic cigarettes and related products, has one of the most comprehensive stocks of e liquids around with a quite staggering selection of flavours to choose from, however it seems that the company does not believe in standing still and you can now find even more to choose from on the company site. It is this huge choice that the company believes makes electronic cigarette use very attractive to existing smokers.

‘When it comes to variety, there is simply nothing that can match electronic cigarettes and the e liquids that are available. For traditional smokers of tobacco cigarettes, we think that there must be a little bit of jealousy going on because e cig smoking certainly gives you lots of options flavourwise, which is why we are seeing more and more smokers come over to electronic smoking’, explained a Liberty Flights spokesperson. ‘The health benefits are of course self explanatory as you no longer use tobacco, but we have heard from many smokers who have switched and they say being able to choose different flavours is incredible.’

Electronic cigarette smoking still utilises nicotine so the smoker still gets the ‘nicotine hit’ but the flavour comes from the e liquid. This liquid is vapourised and inhaled, much like a standard cigarette but that is where the similarities seem to end. E liquid is available in a huge range of flavours and intensities, some of which may surprise you.

LIberty_Flights_logo_®‘You name it, there is probably an e liquid in that flavour. There are of course the traditional flavours so you can still get a tobacco or menthol flavour from your e cigarette but there are more unusual flavours too. These include things like chocolate, apple, cherry cola, spearmint, vanilla, blueberry and many more. It certainly makes the electronic cigarette smoking experience a more varied option as well as less harmful, of course’, explained a company spokesperson.

If you are a traditional smoker and are interested in making the switch to e cig liquid electronic cigarettes, why not take a look at the website at For further information, please call the wholesale team on 0845 257 9008 or email:

Liberty Flights Ltd

Tel: 0845 257 9008

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