Expert Logistics, the UK’s leading white goods home delivery company, selected advanced Hawker® batteries, chargers and management systems from EnerSys® for the lift trucks at its new national distribution centre in Crewe. The solution devised by EnerSys supports arduous round-the-clock operations while offering an ideal combination of performance, simplicity and energy efficiency.


“We were looking for a long-term commitment from a supplier that could work with us and our established lift truck partner to support our new operation and predicted growth plans,” says Chris Adamson, Project Manager at Expert Logistics who was responsible for commissioning the new facility.

Expert Logistics distributes white goods for customers who include many of the biggest and best-known high street, multiple and internet retailers. Sustained growth led the company to assess its warehousing provision and consolidate multiple sites into ProLogis 360, a 360,000ft2 (33,445m2) facility in Crewe. The previous distribution centre used gas powered counterbalance trucks but these were impractical for the new operation, instead the company wanted to introduce clean and efficient electric powered equipment.

Working with its long-standing partner Toyota the company specified a fleet comprising 22 counterbalance trucks and eight VNA trucks. The warehouse operates around the clock and the application is demanding which meant the choice of batteries was critical. EnerSys proposed its Hawker Perfect Plus range of advanced batteries which incorporate the Hawker Electrolyte Circulation System. Charging times can be up to 30% shorter and energy consumption is reduced by up to 20% compared with conventional batteries. Minimised gassing and less sludging help to reduce water consumption by up to 70% which means topping up is required less often.

Battery charging is optimised using the latest-generation Hawker LifeIQ high-frequency chargers. These are fully-programmable and offer improved efficiency and lower charging factor than conventional models which results in reduced energy consumption and lower carbon footprint. They automatically detect the battery’s level of discharge and only supply the amount of power needed to restore full charge, shutting down afterwards. This further reduces the mains power required leading to additional savings in electricity costs.

Charging and changing is overseen by the advanced Hawker battery management system. Batteries can only be used when they are fully charged while the systematic rotation across the pool ensures balanced utilisation over time for life-long performance and reliability. A screen at the end of the charging area clearly indicates the next battery to be retrieved for each type of truck. An alarm sounds if an operator disconnects the wrong battery from its charger.

EnerSys Motive Power

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