Award-winning lager brand, kestrel, has released a new kestrel extra premium canned variant which will fly off your shelves!

Kestrel extra 7% premium lager

Award-winning lager brand, Kestrel, has released a new addition to its existing offering, Kestrel Extra Premium Lager. This new 7% variant enables retailers to offer a full range across the premium lager category and capitalise on the consumer demand for higher strength, premium, crafted products. From the best-selling 9% abv lager brand in the UK, born in Scotland and crafted using the Holy Brewing Method, Kestrel lagers offer drinkers a full-bodied and rich taste experience. Currently available is a 5% abv Premium lager and a 9% abv Super Premium lager, the release of the Extra Premium lager is set to offer shoppers a more intense drinking experience, but at a mid-point 7% abv.

Kestrel Extra Premium Lager enters a category that achieved significant growth throughout 2019-20, which is predicted to continue throughout 2021. Higher strength beers and ciders are gaining national traction, as consumers become more polarised between premium higher abv products and no/low alcohol alternatives. This increased demand creates an opportunity for higher sales and profits. The launch of Kestrel Extra will be supported by a full trade marketing campaign, digital media and support in depot. A limited edition 24 for 22 promotional pack, launched with a EDLP WSP of £26.49 is now available, creating a retailer POR averaging 33.3%.

Kestrel Extra Premium Lager will be launched in sustainable packaging; the materials consist of 72% recycled material for the can and lid, 50% recycled material for the box foil, 100% virgin pallet foil and an FSC certified carton box. All of which are fully recyclable, decreasing landfill waste.

Nigel McNally, Managing Director of Brookfield Drinks, the UK distributor for the brand commented, “the craft boom has made consumers far more aware of what they are drinking. Gone are the days when choosing a beer is a thoughtless process. Now shoppers are increasingly involved and are actively taking the time to investigate what it is they are actually drinking. Thanks to craft and the trend for premiumisation, shoppers are less price sensitive and tend to be driven by quality and brewing credentials. Higher abv’s are often associated with premium products and Kestrel is no exception. The brewing process is inspired by traditional monastic brewing, whereby alcohol strength used to be far higher than it is today; with the ideal brew strength being between 8 and 12% abv. We have harnessed a traditional brewing method which allows us to craft a full-bodied and intense drinking experience and our Master Brewer insists on this method of production to deliver the outstanding lager that our drinkers have become accustomed to. Kestrel Super Premium lager is the iconic brew our range is formed upon and it really is a fantastic liquid. It has been awarded a gold medal from Monde Selection International Quality Institute and a silver medal by the International Beer Challenge in 2019. We are confident that a Kestrel 7% Extra Premium Lager will fill the gap for a mid-point higher abv premium lager.”

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