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Finn-CrispPopular crispbread brand Finn Crisp has launched a new wholegrain variety: Finn Crisp Plus 5 Wholegrains which is baked using a blend of no fewer than 5 grains – rye, wheat, oat, barley and millet.

Business Development Director Harri Nykanen of Finnish manufacturers Vaasan Oy commented: “Finn Crisp Plus is a new range of premium crispbreads with higher value per kg, giving consumers an even tastier and healthier crunch. All Finn Crisp Plus products are baked with 100% wholegrain and are crammed full of fibre. Particularly appealing to our health-conscious female audience!”

The flour used in the baking contains whole grain kernels, made up of bran – providing vitamin B, minerals and fibre, endosperm – providing carbohydrate and protein energy, and germ – full of vitamins and antioxidants. So as well as being crunchily delicious, these new 5 Wholegrains offer a superior healthy eating option.

With a toasted seeds topping for added value, Finn Crisp Plus 5 Wholegrains come in 2 varieties: 190gm thins and 200gm crispbread. The new range will be supported by magazine advertising and national sampling, with an exciting competition to win a Winter Wonderland Holiday in Finnish Lapland.


Kelly Torson

Tel: 01706 650356


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