Paper Straws London Ltd is starting production of its first batch of paper straws, the only paper straw manufacturer in the South East of the UK and one of only a handful in Europe. It is the only UK paper straw company to deliver its locally produced straws across wholesale, retail and consumer markets.

With the UK’s plastic straw ban coming in to effect next year, caterers, corporates and consumers are looking for alternatives to feed the continuing high demand for straws: the World Wide Fund for Nature has said that this year, the UK will use 8.5 billion plastic straws, many of which end up in the world’s oceans.

As most paper straws are currently produced in Asia, they still have a major environmental impact globally. Paper Straws London aims to be producing up to a million quality, environmentally friendly straws per week by the end of the year, with additional capacity in 2019. The company can can fulfill both wholesale and retail orders at competitive prices and deliver to consumers via its e-commerce site:

Co-founder of Paper Straws London, Tim Clifton said: “To see our first batch of paper straws being produced using our new state of the art machine is a very exciting moment. We are a family run business and every element of our straws – from origin to application – has nature in mind. As a British manufacturer we can offer less supply chain risk, reduced delivery times, higher levels of quality control and greater levels of communication – greatly reducing environmental impact.

“The wholesale and retail market currently ordering straws from Asia have to commit to taking a container load with payment up front. With Paper Straws London they do not have to commit to such large orders and, with our faster delivery times, this will be helpful to businesses’ cashflow,” he continued.

The straws produced by Paper Straws London are fully biodegradable, compostable and recyclable. Paper, glues, inks and packaging are sourced exclusively from the UK and Europe and meet the most stringent European industry testing standards. The company uses wet food grade kraft paper designed to stay sturdy and strong for longevity in drinks. 

About  Paper Straws London

Founded by Tim and Anna Clifton in June 2018, Paper Straws London is the UK capital city’s first and foremost paper straw manufacturer, based in Walthamstow. Our sister company, Cliftons, is one of the UK’s leading bookbinders and paper converters, so we have considerable experience in the field of paper. We believe this provides our customers with a distinct advantage in terms of quality control and reliability. With clients nationwide throughout the UK, across Europe and beyond, we already have supply chain and delivery capabilities.

Some facts about straws

  • The Plastic ban is imminent: Michael Gove announced on On October 22, 2018 that he is determined to beat the EU’s move to enforce it with a new law to come into effect between October 2019 and October 2020.
  • According to Greenpeace, plastic straws are one of the top 10 items found in beach clean ups.
  • Following the BBC’s Blue Planet series, many businesses are already looking to replace plastic straws with paper ones.

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