foster-grant-pc-eyes-comput.jpgFoster Grant has added speciality computer readers to their popular ready-to-wear collection of reading glasses. The new PC Eyes range has been specifically designed to help reduce eyestrain, blurred vision, headaches and a host of other problems triggered by regular use of computer monitors.

PC Eyes computer reading glasses have optical quality, lightweight distortion free lenses that have been created to relieve the wearer of the effects of computer vision syndrome, known as CVS. Special amber tinted lenses reduce the amount of harmful blue light emitted by computer screens and fluorescent office lighting, and feature a glare reducing anti-reflective coating to help to reduce the effects of CVS and eye fatigue caused by daily computer use.

There’s a choice of rimless and rectangular plastic fashion frames and a selection of four lens strengths, including a low power of +1.00. All PC Eyes include rocking nose rests and spring hinges for added comfort and are designed and manufactured to the same high quality standards of all other reading glasses in the Foster Grant range.

The new PC Eyes range is available for only £12.99 from retailers throughout the UK, or direct from Foster Grant at

Amanda Naylor, Head of Marketing at Foster Grant, says, “PC Eyes are a perfect complement to our existing portfolio of reading glasses and carry with them the product assurances and quality that retailers and consumers have come to expect from Foster Grant products. The brand has become synonymous with quality, value for money and the new range will help to further strengthen our position as the UK’s leading distributor of ready-to-wear reading glasses.

All retailer enquiries:
Tel: 01782 813000

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  1. Mr.Carl John Linney

    Dear sirs,
    I am 73 years old, my eyesight is deterioratig fairly rapidly.
    In the last 6 months I have had my eyes tested twice by the local opticion’s, and been supplied reading glasses ,and glasses for distance.
    Teh glasses for distance are no good at all although at the test thet seemed to improve my sight.? The glasses they provided me with for reading are no different than the last two pairs that I have had off them. In fact I feel I am paying about £70 a time for no improvement.

    I recently asked a friend to get me a set of reading glasses from the chemist, about strength 4+, but he said the strongest they had were 3.25, but even these are better than the optician made me.
    I want to know if you could supply me with a pair of reading glasses over strength 4, and also a pair of distance glasses,as I have to sit right up against the television to read anything that is on, i.e. such as snooker scores

    Sorry this is long winded, but I wanted you to know my problem
    Thank you, yours sincerely C.J.Linney

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