Treacle Toffee has been enjoyed traditionally at Bonfire night and Halloween for many years. Family toffee maker, Walkers Nonsuch has been making treacle toffee for as long as they can remember. It is particulary popular in the winter months. Tasty Treacle 50g and 100g bars and 150g bags are available.


Walkers Treacle toffee is made with the finest ingredients like whole milk and butter and it is cooked slowly to ensure a really satisfying taste. Gluten free and containing nothing artificial it makes a good addition to any Halloween and Bonfire display.

All their Treacle packaging is eye catching and predominately orange, fitting for the occasion.

Emma Walker comments, “English Toffee is quite hard. This is essential so that on whacking, THEN unwrapping, the bar breaks easily in to segments. Once in the mouth, it soon softens to an enjoyable chew with a rich and strong flavour.”

The range of Walkers treacle toffees offers different price points to suit all ages, Tasty Treacle 50g and 100g bars retail from 35p and 69p respectively and 150g bags from £1.00.

Tel: 01782 321515

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