Julia-cooks-for-Garofalo-at-the-Salone-del-GustoGarofalo Pasta, building on the success it has already enjoyed in the UK during 2010, joined the Garofalo team in Turin last week, to take part in the Salone del Gusto. This was the eighth biannual event driven by the international Slow Food movement, and for the first time, Garofalo was not only a major exhibitor, but also a key sponsor of the event.

A top-selling brand in Italy, Garofalo is widely recognised for the quality of its Signature pasta range, as well as its innovative marketing and more recently, the relationships it has been building with the food blogging community in Italy. The UK has been increasing the awareness of the Garofalo brand in a similar way, encouraging more people to try the Signature range, to experiment with different cuts of pasta, and to try new sauce pairings.

Communicating the ‘Garofalo message’ to top UK food bloggers has helped to support increased sales and awareness here says Garofalo UK’s Commercial Director, Mal Pullan: “Just as in Italy, we want to establish genuine conversations with our loyal customers and also to talk to new customers about what our products have to offer. We firmly believe that once people have tried our Signature pasta, they won’t look back. Certainly sales through Ocado indicate that we are getting this message across. Our range there is due to increase shortly – driven by customer demand.”

Garofalo invited some of the best food bloggers in Italy to cook for an invited audience on their stand, they extended this invitation to a couple of international representatives of the food blogging community too and the UK team were proud to have Julia Parsons, whose blog, asliceofcherrypie, has attracted not only a very loyal following, but also the interest of the mainstream media, to join them and cook a recipe from her first cookery book, due to be published later in November.

Julia produced a wonderful dish, showing how traditional British ingredients can marry with one of Italy’s best-selling pastas, to produce something hearty and full of flavour. It was little surprise therefore that there were empty plates all round as well as an enthusiastic round of applause at the end of a very entertaining cooking session.

Garofalo UK


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