gigis-lifeline-familyGIGI SPECIALS launched its range at the Real Food Show in Earls Court last month. The two directors Amr Fayez and Ursule Thurnherr say the company had an extremely successful exhibition:

“Our products enjoyed an amazing response. Our healthy snack, sun blessed Corinthian Currants, were praised by just about everybody. A unique product from the Peloponnese, the traditional methods of cultivation make these currants’ quality unmatched.

“Our oven-baked black olives even convinced the green olive aficionados. Our green olives are soaked over 10 months in spring water to naturally get rid of the bitterness and guarantee a nutty taste. Our spicy olive tapenade and an olive-Seville orange confito were on offer too. Our extra virgin olive oil has a full bodied taste with a delicate nutty aroma and was eagerly tasted and ordered.

“To complement a summer barbeque, we offer 100% organic Oregano and Throubi from the sunny hills of rural Greece.”

Gigi Specials is all about blending a colourful abundance of seasonal flavours with a relaxed old-style natural comfort far from the helter-skelter pace of 21st century life. Ursule Thurnherr explains their approach: “You will want to take time out of your busy lives to sample and enjoy what we offer you through the use of top quality natural products, unsullied by chemicals or mass-production techniques, and a stylish, charming ambience that is all too rare in the West today. Our food is unrushed and unhurried.”

Growing numbers of UK consumers want to snack on GIGI SPECIALS’ exclusive GIGI lifeline organic Mediterranean foods, supplied by a variety of small producers in southern Europe, North Africa and the Middle East. As seen at Earls Court, the range includes exceptional olive oils, uniquely tasty olives, herbs, tapenades and confito from lands where life is lived at a more gentle leisurely pace, and where the natural goodness of the land and its produce is more important than mass production techniques and modernity.

GIGI SPECIALS is a modern, environmentally friendly, small trading company, all of whose lifestyle and lifeline products are sourced on a Fair Trade basis, so that their suppliers – local craftspeople and families in southern Europe and the Middle East – earn a fair and realistic income from their labour.
Ursule Thurnherr concludes: “We at GIGI SPECIALS feel passionate about the products we source and have produced for us. It is the partnership with our suppliers and your trust as our customers, which will secure our continued success.”

ring Ursule on 07711 377212

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