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sensodyne-pronamel.jpgGlaxoSmithKline (GSK) Consumer Healthcare shows continued commitment to oral healthcare for consumers and the dental profession with the recent inauguration of GSK’s Oral Healthcare Innovation Centre, currently the largest in Europe, as well as holding an oral healthcare professional symposium. Leading oral healthcare scientists and clinicians attended the symposium which focused on new therapies and research areas in the field of oral healthcare and the future challenges of oral healthcare around the world.The GSK Oral Healthcare Innovation Centre, home of both the Aquafresh® and Sensodyne® brands, focuses on the research and development of innovative oral healthcare products for the consumer. Recent innovations include Aquafresh® ISO-Active®, a unique foaming gel toothpaste, and Sensodyne® Pronamel®, a daily toothpaste that helps protect against acid erosion.The GSK Oral Healthcare Innovation Centre is constructed of unique state-of-the-art open space work environments that allow multidisciplinary internal teams to collaborate with external partners to explore new therapies and research areas in oral healthcare.“GSK is dedicated to delivering excellence in oral healthcare to consumers and we hope our continued interactions with leading dental experts will help us to identify new opportunities that make a difference in oral healthcare around the world,” said Dr. Alexis Roberts-McIntosh, Vice President, Aquafresh, GlaxoSmithKline Consumer Healthcare. Innovations in Oral HealthcareGSK is committed to delivering innovation in oral healthcare, and recent innovations have shown significant value to the dental profession and consumers alike.Aquafresh® ISO-Active® is a unique foaming gel that provides a new dimension in toothpaste. The product has been successfully launched in Europe in 2007 and is due to be rolled out in the UK in 2008. Sensodyne® Pronamel® is a daily toothpaste that helps protect against acid erosion of enamel, an increasingly prevalent condition that leads to worn

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