Six years ago, Glendale Foods introduced price-marked packs across its Yankee frozen snacks range, in response to feedback from independent stockists, and found that sales virtually doubled overnight. Lately, a raft of major brands have launched PMPs for independent retailers, following research indicating that consumers are more likely to buy if packs are price-marked, and this is now the trade’s second most preferred form of promotion.

Satisfied that its pioneering stance on PMPs has been widely accepted within the trade, Glendale has now added yet another price-marked line, in the savoury shape of Yankee Tandoori Style Chicken Strips, which carries an eyecatching £1.99 price flash. It joins recently-launched Yankee Kebab Meat, already established as a best seller, in a value-conscious ‘Serves 4’ selection that also includes Yankee Deep Fill Lasagne.

“The industry research claimed that five or six years ago you couldn’t give PMPs away for love nor money, but we found that they were an instant success,” says Glendale Chairman, John Mortimer. “Stockists like them because they position the independent and convenience channels as being competitive on price, particularly as PMPs are perceived as representing a special offer. Shoppers like them because price-marking also removes any worries that they may have about being overcharged.”

“There’s less work for retailers, because there’s no pricing up to do, and the freezer cabinet looks a lot more professional,” he adds. “Also, packs that are price-marked sell faster than those that are not marked, because consumers are more likely to buy them on impulse. So, with both retailers and customers favouring PMPs, it’s a win-win situation.”

Getting the price right is obviously important and, at £1.99 for its Tandoori Style Chicken Strips, Glendale has achieved a good balance between value for money and decent wholesale and retail margins. Trade outers of just 6 x 500g packs mean reduced stockholding for retailers and present an affordable opportunity to trial this new product.

With a milder spicy flavour than doner kebab strips, the new tandoori -style chicken variety opens up the customer base to a wider, more female audience, capitalising on the popularity of this Bangladeshi, Pakistani and Indian dish. Although obviously not traditionally cooked in a tandoor clay oven, but on Glendale’s modern BRC-accredited processing line, the succulent strips are authentically spiced and Halal certified.

Yankee Tandoori Style Chicken Strips can be reheated from frozen in less than four minutes, by microwave, grilling, frying or oven cooking. Served with an accompaniment of rice or salad and a yoghurt-based raita on the side, or simply with a naan flatbread, each 500g pack makes for an appetising meal or hot snack for four persons.

Tandoori Style Chicken Strips and other big value Yankee varieties are now available from frozen food distributors, cash & carry outlets or direct from Glendale Foods at Cobden Street, Pendleton, Salford, M6 6LX, telephone 0161 743 4100, email

Glendale Foods

Tel: 0161 743 4100


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