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After 15 years in development, Goody Good Stuff – an innovative, all-natural, gelatine-free range of sweets – has been launched in the UK, on the back of a warning about additives in sweets affecting the activity and attention of children.

Research released by the University of Southampton has once again highlighted a warning in 2008 by the European Parliament and the Food Standards Agency, which called for a ban on potentially damaging additives.

Melissa Burton, managing director of Goody Good Stuff, comments: “We’d fully support any further research into the effects of additives, such as tartrazine E102 and cochineal red E122, as we believe they are unnecessary. Hopefully studies like these will encourage other manufacturers to follow in our footsteps and create treats for kids responsibly.

“We’ve proven that it is possible to produce a sweet treat that kids love, without all of the nasties. We hope that this study leads to a change in attitude to the excessive use of additives within processed foods and confectionary.

“Consumers are choosing healthier products with natural ingredients. This really is the direction that the confectionary industry must go in.”

The range comes in eight delicious varieties, all of which are free from the nasties traditionally found in gummies.  The sweets are gluten-free, fat-free, meat-free, soy-free, nut-free and dairy-free, plus suitable for those following halal, kosher or vegetarian diets. Four of the varieties are even suitable for vegans.

Goody Good Stuff is perfect for mums wanting to give their kids a treat without having to worry about filling them up with E numbers. It’s also great for ladies who lunch, looking to make their afternoon indulgence a little more guilt-free!

Each 100g pack is priced at £1.49, with a mix of flavours to suit everyone’s sweet tooth!

Goody Good Stuff’s range of natural, gelatine-free sweets is now available on the high street at Holland & Barrett, Booths and available online at Amazon.

For further information, visit or email

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