The launch of GroceryAid’s 2019 Impact Report once again shows an increase in the number of people receiving support from the charity. GroceryAid helped 15,784 people in need last year, an 8% increase overall.

Crisis grants, typically needed when someone is suffering a short-term crisis such as being off sick or following a relationship breakdown, saw spend increase by 40%, highlighting the number of working colleagues living on a financial tightrope. 92% of all crisis grants made during the year were to those of working age.

Emotional and practical support also rose over the year, with a 10% growth in use of the charity’s confidential Helpline service. Notable rises here included 35% more colleagues seeking financial advice and 24% more accessing Law Express support. Mandi Leonard, GroceryAid Welfare Director said; “Sometimes life throws a curve ball and when it does GroceryAid is here to provide emotional, practical or financial support to help navigate through those difficult times.”

To help colleagues facing difficulties GroceryAid has recently introduced two new services. In April GroceryAid launched a Health and Wellbeing resource supporting a diverse range of topics across the pillars of mind, body and behaviour. In June the charity unveiled its Workplace Critical Incident Support service providing access to onsite visits by professional counsellors to support individuals who have witnessed or been the victim of a traumatic incident at work.

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