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As Hörmann continues to grow and service contracts become more popular in the UK, the market leading company is expanding its service team with the appointment of Mark Moore, to head up the service department.

Mark has over 20 years of service experience in the highly competitive materials handling sector, most recently with Linde and brings a thorough understanding of the needs of the UK logistics industry.
With demand for service support rapidly increasing throughout the UK, the enlarged service department is targeting efficiencies to improve response times and maintain its excellent reputation for high quality customer support.

As energy costs escalate many logistics operators have identified the loading bay as a key area where energy efficiencies can be achieved. This has led to the increased use of fast action doors and more integrated loading systems. In turn this has increased demand for planned service and maintenance from the original equipment manufacturer. Not unlike car manufacturers a full service history with the original manufacturer leads to longer warranties and greater bargaining strength, should a problem occur. Equally an efficient maintenance programme minimises downtime, increases product life and reduces operating costs. All these factors are making service support an even more important element of the initial decision when designing new and refurbished bays.

Are You Ready for Winter?

The service team at Hörmann has introduced pre-winter checks, as many customers look to ensure they maximise the thermal efficiency of their loading and other industrial doors and ensure trouble free operation throughout the winter months. The purpose of these checks is simply to ensure that maintenance and service programmes are working efficiently and that any remedial action is carried out quickly and efficiently to prevent costly interruptions.

Hörmann is simply responding to customer needs by offering this enhanced service for their doors and loading equipment. With many businesses working to increasingly tight margins, there is a temptation to skimp on service and maintenance, but a simple check now can not only prevent a costly problem but can increase the life of your loading equipment, saving costs for many years to come.

Reliability is leading many operators to take Hörmann doors and loading equipment for granted but this could be storing up problems for later as Service Manager Mark Moore explains, “The temptation is there to skip a routine check, simply because our products do last a long time and are renowned for being dependable. The reality is that a simple check from our experts now, could prevent future issues. This will ensure that the long term performance and straight forward value for money, that we have built our reputation on, is maintained.”

For a no obligation quote for carrying out pre-winter checks or for more information regarding service contracts and extended warranties the service team can be contacted on 01530 516856, or by email to

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