hubbard-3.jpgHubbard, one of the UK’s leading suppliers of compact refrigeration and cooling systems to the forecourt, convenience, supermarket and retail sectors, displayed its low-noise equipment at the CRS Show 2008, offering maximum efficiency with minimum environmental and social impacts. Hubbard also displayed both housed and un-housed Multi Compressor packs on the stand, with a host of new features that demonstrate the company’s innovation and commitment to the development of higher and higher levels of energy efficiency.

Dougie Stoddart, Commercial Director of Hubbard says, “Hubbard Multi Compressor Packs are highly flexible and several new features were shown on the CRS stand, including an extendable chassis that ensures a physically highly rigid package but is also flexible due to its extendibility. The stand also featured acoustic housing for the Multi Compressor Packs, continuing the all-important theme of noise reduction.

“Hubbard has experienced significant growth in its sales to refrigeration engineering contractors in the last year on the back of our acknowledged developments in energy efficiency and our ability to manufacture Multi Compressor Packs to individual specifications. We know how important it is to deliver, not only on specification, but on time as well and so we work as partners with our customers ensuring that their customers are not let down and it is this that has secured us a confident order book.”

Changing lifestyles have led to rapid growth in the C-Store sector, particularly around the developments in forecourt retailing where comprehensive food offerings are now the norm. Whilst sites typically trade long hours, with many trading 24 hours, the sites are generally small, averaging around 3,000-5,000 sq ft and located in highly populated urban areas. The critical refrigeration requirements for the sector have therefore become small footprint, low noise, low running cost and easy maintenance.

Dougie says, “With forecourt and convenience store developments coming under ever more scrutiny from planning and environmental authorities the requirement for low environmental impact solutions are becoming more and more critical to the success of planning applications and long term profitability.

“At Hubbard we take customer comment very seriously. Working closely with C-store developers we take their concerns on board at the earliest stages of planning which is why we have such a successful and proven track record within the sector.”

Hubbard has cornered this sector of the market with their established HCP and HCPS systems as well as a range of HCR compressor receivers.

The HCR systems offer a split solution with a low-noise compressor sited inside the C-store and low-noise condensers externally. The benefit is immediate; external noise is reduced significantly whilst Hubbard’s easy access housings ensure that routine maintenance of the compressor/receiver units involves minimal disruption to the retail environment. The Hubbard HCR compressor/receiver unit is compact and can be free standing or wall mounted to further free up important floor space. The remote air-cooled condenser can be floor or roof mounted or with the addition of a Hubbard kit can be fitted to an outside wall.

The HCR system is also extremely flexible allowing multiple installations to be run from one external condenser, reducing external noise levels by up to 33%. A site running three conventional installations with a dedicated condenser for each system could generate external noise levels over 50dB(A), whereas three HCRs linked to a single triple-circuit external condenser cuts external noise levels to just 30dB(A).

As sector leader, Hubbard also offers a range of low-noise packaged condensing units aimed squarely at the retail convenience sector.

Hubbard’s HCP units are available in Single or Twin Fan options, both offering low noise levels. An optional fan speed controller lowers noise levels even further during reduced ambient temperatures.

For ultra low noise packaged requirements a second even-lower noise version, the HCPS, incorporates Scroll Compressor technology, reducing single and twin fan condenser noise output further still when fitted with an optional Hubbard Sound Attenuation Kit.

Both the HCP and HCPS packaged unit systems offer precise temperature control with a well-earned reputation for reliability across high, medium and low temperatures, guaranteeing both performance and energy efficiency and resulting in reduced running costs. The units are available for R404a refrigerant up to a nominal 3 h.p for the HCP and up to 71/2 h.p for the HCPS.

The Hubbard HCP and HCPS units are weatherproof and can be ground, flat roof or wall mounted. Their slim design makes them ideal for situations where space is limited, and removable panels allow for easy service access.

Dougie Stoddart continues, “With Hubbard’s experience of noise moderation we are able to actively support our clients, resolving local issues before they develop out of proportion, showing planners, local authorities and pressure groups that we take their concerns seriously and are prepared to work with them towards solutions that are acceptable both commercially and residentially.

“The louder pressure groups get the quieter our machines become, delivering a ‘win-win’ of not only gaining the good will of protesters but bringing additional benefits for site developers and operators as the long-term development of quieter machines goes hand in hand with greater operating efficiency.

“Involving Hubbard at an early stage of planning enables site owners to maximise efficiency whilst minimising environmental and social impacts and improving site viability.”

Hubbard offers a full range of commercial cooling systems.

Tel: 01473 892289

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