pfa.jpgKeeping it simple is the concept behind Ascom’s wireless based help point system telePOINT. It provides an extremely efficient and cost effective solution for situations where messaging requirements are pre-determined and very specific. telePOINT can be used by staff, for example to improve communications between pay stations and supervisors; or customers, to summon help to changing rooms.

telePOINT keypads can be programmed with up to 20 pre-determined messages which are initiated at a touch of a button. The subjects can be tailored to needs as varied as ‘Change Needed’, ‘Under Age Buyer’, or ‘Package Ready for Collection’. A central server processes these messages and transmits them out as text into the existing Paging, Loneworker or DECT network. Each message can be directed to specific individuals or work groups, such as Maintenance, Security or the Floor Manager. As soon as the message is relayed the system monitors the elapsed time between initiation and response. If it goes beyond a predetermined time, the original message is resent and cascaded to other people until a response is generated.

telePOINT improves response times to in-store events by instant and specific messaging to the staff that need to know, enhancing the customer experience and empowering staff to be more efficient.

For further information please visit Stand H32 at Retail Solutions 2008, Excel, London.

Tel: 01732 742014

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