INKKA Limited – a London start-up has responded to the increasing demand for gluten-free & proteinrich nutrition by bringing to the UK market the 1st Peruvian 100% Quinoa Pasta, which is Kosher certified, Vegetarian Society approved and free from GMO and preservatives.
Unlike other gluten-free pasta products, INKKA’s range is made of 100% quinoa flour. Their research shows that because most gluten-free pasta manufacturers blend other grains with little quinoa, they deprive consumers of the full goodness of quinoa, which is rich in calcium, magnesium, iron and phosphorus, as well as in omega 3, 6 and 9. Having all of the amino acids necessary to support life, and more than 16% biological value – more than rice, barley and soya – quinoa is highly regarded by NASA as the ‘Fittest Food’ to guarantee the nutritional support of astronauts in isolated conditions.

Brought to the UK from a small village in the Ayacucho region of Peru, where people make their living from growing quinoa, INKKA’s pasta aids the economic growth of the local communities there, which in turn have granted the company exclusive distribution rights for the UK.

Founded by a team passionate about human health and nutrition, INKKA offers more than just superfood pasta. Quinoa is an essential part of the longevity secret of an ancient Peruvian civilization, the INCAS. During the Inca period, which began in South America in the early 13th century, quinoa was referred to as “the gold of the Incas,” and to this day people still treat the “mother grain” as sacred.

\ It comes as no surprise then that this ancient grain aids digestion due to its high fibre content, strengthens the immune system thanks to its high concentration of B vitamins, and because of its active phytoestrogens, helps prevent breast cancer and post-menstrual ailments.

We all know that as well as convenience, people now demand quality nutrition from their food. Understanding these needs, INKKA promises that their pasta is ready to eat in just 6 minutes. The pasta itself has a pleasant nutty taste and soaks up other flavours well, making it an excellent accompaniment for traditional pasta sauces such as Bolognese, as well as for stronger flavours like seafood.

Being suitable not just for the general consumer but also for athletes, INKKA pasta allows retailers to meet various nutritional needs. Restaurants can also benefit from the easy-to-cook superfood, which can be offered as the perfect gluten-free alternative to meet new consumer demands. Available as spaghetti, curvo rigate and fusilli in bulk packs of 800g, INNKA makes it easy for hospitality buyers to stock the product and have various ways to include it in their recipes.

INKKA’s interest in quinoa was inspired by a recent research from the British Retail Consortium, which revealed that quinoa was the third most searched for food term by smartphone users during April and June last year. Placing human nutrition at the heart of everything they do, INKKA’s focus on quinoa was further encouraged by scientists at the Harvard Public School of Health, who found that eating a bowl of quinoa each day can reduce the risk of premature death from cancer, heart disease, respiratory disease and diabetes by up to 17%.

It’s vital to know, that the United Nations not only declared the grain a super-crop because of its health benefits but its secretary general also defined it as a “cultural anchor” in the Andes, adding it could reduce poverty and lead to sustainable agriculture in the region.

Gwyneth Paltrow, Miley Cyrus, and tennis star Novak Djokovic are just a few of the celebrities who have reportedly claimed that going glutenfree has not only given them more energy but has improved their physical and mental health, which is another reason why INKKA’s buyers should feel assured of a successful future.

The company made its first public appearance at last year’s BBC Good Food Show, which generated high consumer interest and led to INKKA’s featuring in various media

\ publications, including the Specialty Food and Vegetarian magazines. Having now formed a strong marketing team with an in-house nutritionist, the company is ready to welcome customers and retailers in the UK, starting with Hotelympia – the UK’s largest food service and hospitality event in ExCel, London (29th February-3rd March). INKKA will be offering free product sampling and special promotions on bulk packs.

Retailers can purchase the 227g pasta range from CLF Distribution and Tree of Life, which have enthusiastically welcomed the opportunity to stock the 1st Peruvian 100% Quinoa Pasta. Later this year, the company will be launching the UK’s 1st 98% sugarfree Peruvian Dark Chocolate with Quinoa, and their own Quinoa Energy Drink, which plans aim to position INKKA as the UK’s quinoa specialists. For orders and queries, email or visit



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