AutoLokIndustrial safety specialist Fortress Interlocks has developed the AutoLokP (power to lock) solenoid interlock to provide a means of escape from potentially dangerous areas such as robot cells, cold stores and warehouse bays. The AutoLokP internal release option can be used to unlock the door from the inside a guarded area should an operative become trapped; by pushing the button on the rear of the unit the tongue is released from the actuator head and the door can be opened.

The AutoLokP solenoid is continuously energised but when the power is cut, the actuator is released. A system like this is appropriate for applications when an element must be locked in a pre-determined position such as access to the cabin of a gantry crane.

AutoLokP features a robust, stainless steel Slide Bar with an actuator at the head that can be used on both hinged and sliding doors. The slide bar design ensures that the power cannot be turned on simply by slamming the door behind an operator and features padlock holes for lockout procedures and an internal release handle which acts as an emergency stop. When the door is closed the slide bar is pushed along until the actuator tongue engages with the Autostop unit, turning the power on.

AutoLokP is part of the heavy duty amGard range of Fortress products and suitable for category 4, high risk, applications. For more information about amGard please visit the company website at

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