The run up to Christmas is always the busiest time of year for logistics and it’s easy to see why. Retailers both online and on the high street rush to keep up with the yearly peak of consumer demand which means fleets of logistics vehicles are in charge of extra shipping and deliveries between suppliers, retailers and consumers. The quality of freight at this time of year can make or break a business so it is vital for industries to ensure their fleets are up to standard and best practice methods are followed to ensure a speedy, smooth and accurate delivery.


Accuracy Is Key

Too many retailers fall into the trap of believing speed is the most important factor when it comes to shipping goods. Speed is important when it comes to building a reputation but before your LGV sets off on the road it is imperative to ensure the measurements of the load are accurate.

The entire logistics chain feels the stress of seasonal demands – manufacturers, logistics providers, LGV drivers and the retailers feel the pressure; the temptation to let standards slip is on all of our shoulders. The holiday rush means we are all scrambling to meet Christmas targets but it is important to remember that if weight measurements are off, or not recorded at all, stock is highly unlikely to be accepted and you can be left with thousands of products that won’t see the shelves this side of the New Year, and you’ll be left shouldering the cost.

Check Your Equipment

As a carpenter is only as good as his tools, your speed, efficiency and accuracy are only as good as yours. Preparation is the secret to any success so make sure everything you need to run a tight ship is in full working order well in advance of the festive period.

Check your:

  • Measuring equipment – Pallet scales and other measuring equipment should be properly calibrated so there’s no danger of your goods being turned down at the door.

If demand is significantly higher during the festive period you may need to invest in new equipment to cope. To keep costs from soaring you can hire out scales to meet your temporary needs without having to bear the cost of having superfluous equipment that is no use to you throughout the year.

  • Vehicle Quality – Once you know your goods are properly weighed and packaged the emphasis is on getting them from A to B. Lifting, loading and transportation equipment isn’t invincible and every so often you will need to upgrade your current products so you can avoid breakdowns and vehicle failure – it can be tempting for financial reasons to stick with current vehicles for as long as we can but an investment now can save money in the future.

Older vehicles may be able to cope with the day to day strains of the business but when things pick up in the winter they can show their true colours and start to struggle. Have your vehicles checked for faults and if it looks like they aren’t up to the task invest in new models to get you through the busy patch.

Getting From A To B

It’s not just equipment that can get in your way; the UK is in the middle of an LGV driver shortage that can have a detrimental effect on your Christmas success. Coping with an LGV driver shortage could result in detrimental freight delays, with an aging workforce creeping dangerously close to retirement the only long term solution is to inspire young people to take up the calling and enter into the world of logistics by undergoing driver training from companies like Surrey And Hampshire LGV Driver Training. Logistics is one of the only industries that remains unaffected by the recession and demand for drivers is only ever increasing.

Without a new workforce logistics will have to continue the trend of bringing in drivers from overseas and hoping there will be enough to keep up demand until the New Year.

Beat The Seasonal Headache

With some careful planning and some well-maintained equipment the festive period will be a breeze. You will need to make some strategic changes to your business for a few months in order to reap significant rewards later on so make sure your loads are properly weighed and secured, make sure you have a strategic transportation plan and make sure you prepare for the demand.

This post was written by Emma Smith on behalf of ADF Scale, for accurate, premium quality pallet scales and weighing equipment to rent or own our expansive collection of scales and our calibration service has everything you’re looking for.

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