An IT solution from CSB-System has helped a Belgian manufacturer of breaded and frozen products for the foodservice sector to greatly expand its operation. Since introducing the Smart Business Processes and Smart Automation modules, Volys Star has doubled its production and picking volumes and all orders are delivered on time.
The CSB solution enables Volys Star to deliver quality of service and customer satisfaction. One major benefit is the way it optimally supports operators during order intake, providing up-to-date information about stock in-hand, resources, capacities and production and picking orders. This means operators can precisely indicate whether the requested order can be delivered on time. If products are not available, the system automatically determines the next possible production and delivery dates, or suggests alternatives.

“Before, we could not always fully meet our delivery promises, which of course led to differences with our customers,” says Project Manager Geert Werbrouck. “Today, we have achieved one hundred percent supply capability. Every accepted order is delivered on time.”

The precision of Volys Star’s deliveries has also improved considerably thanks to the CSB-System. Faulty deliveries have been rendered all but impossible by a sophisticated combination of picking system, weigh labelling units and controls in loading. Picking is now orderrelated using the mobile CSB solution MERP, with mobile terminals guiding the picker to the products, and the relevant order information being indicated on the displays. In addition, the mobile picking software optimises in advance the distances to be covered by the pickers, thereby greatly increasing picking volume.

Products are then weighed at the weigh-labelling units and labelled in line with customer specifications. The system enables customers to have individual labels produced according to their particular requirements, for example incorporating multiple languages, with currently over 500 different layouts being used. To ensure complete accuracy during this process, IT workstations clearly visualise the order being processed, the products and quantities ordered and which labels need to be attached.

“Our employees are supported in an optimal way,” says Geert Werbrouck. “In the case of an error, the system immediately issues an error message. Wrong labels and faulty allocations of products to customer orders are virtually ruled out.”

Based in Lendelede, Germany, Volys Star has 430 employees and generates an annual turnover of around 100 million euros.

“The software is perfect for us as a poultry specialist,” concludes Geert Werbrouck, “so we are using only one system for corporate management.”


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