jersey-dairy.jpgThe Jersey Dairy on the island of Jersey is taking steps to protect the authentic status of their respected and popular Jersey Butter brand. The Company has applied to DEFRA for Protected Designation of Origin (PDO) recognition. The procedure includes analysis by the EU Commission in Brussels, and when PDO status is awarded, the Dairy will be able to feature the blue and gold EU ‘ring of stars’ emblem on their labelling.

Christopher Journeaux, Head of Marketing and Sales at Jersey Dairy, said: “The PDO emblem will be as important to the future of our butter brand as appellation controlee status is to a quality French wine from a given region. Jersey cows have been pure bred in Jersey for over 200 years, and no other breeds have been allowed in Jersey.”

This ban on the import of cattle has ensured no cross-breeding during this time. There are several Jersey herds on the UK mainland and elsewhere, but the Dairy insist that real Jersey Butter comes from milk from pedigree Jersey cows raised and nourished on the Island’s rich pastures. “This represents a crucial element in our selling proposition,” comments Journeaux. “Put quite simply, Jersey Butter comes from Jersey!”

Research on Channel Islands Milk carried out by Link Consumer Strategies in 2003 for the Milk Development Council concluded “…most importantly there is a huge feeling of being cheated when people discover that “Channel Island” milk does not come from those islands but from a certain type of cow…”

“I believe those responses would apply equally to Jersey Butter,” added Journeaux. “Purity and a respected provenance underpin the unique appeal of our brand. It’s simple and, I believe, unbeatable.”

When you think of those elegant fair-faced cows feeding on fresh lush grass in Jersey’s pure sea air, it’s hard not to agree.

Jersey Dairy
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