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Employee-owned business, Kite Packaging, has enhanced its product offering by introducing its reinforced self-adhesive paper kraft tape, three new woven polypropylene sacks and enviro-box sizes.

The employee-owned packaging company’s new, cost-effective reinforced tape ensures sufficient security throughout transit thanks to its cross weave glass filaments.

The tape’s fibre reinforced construction makes it ideal for businesses as it is extremely difficult to tamper with and the instant, hotmelt adhesive offers an affective adhesion that keeps boxes sealed throughout transit and storage.

These features make it the perfect adhesive tape for heavy bulkier items and fulfilment houses where security is of the highest importance.

This enhanced security combined with its eco-friendly paper material provide businesses with an effective sealant for packages that will show any signs of tampering without harming the environment, therefore improving the customer’s trust in the process and it is also 100% recyclable.

Another range that has seen an expansion at Kite Packaging is the business’s woven polypropylene sack range. There are three new sizes that have been added to the existing range, therefore accommodating a wider range of customer requirements in different industries.

Kite’s woven sacks are designed for heavy duty use in storage and transit, accommodating heavy stock such as parcels and potatoes or in agricultural environments carrying soil. They are also a particularly effective way of carrying sharp items that can break through standard polythene bags such as building materials, rubble and metal.

The other product range that the employee-owned business has expanded is their enviro-boxes, with them introducing a further three sizes to the existing range. Developed in conjunction with WRAP, the Waste and Resources Action Programme, the Enviro-box offers a sustainable and reliable alternative to larger double wall boxes.

By expanding the ranges with three additional sizes and introducing reinforced tape, the product development team at Kite are continuously showing their commitment to their customers. Their newly enhanced product categories cater for a wider range of requirements for different businesses across the market.

For more information on Kite Packaging and the business’s range of products and services please visit

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