KP Snacks doubles down on PMPs with larger cases and new Roysters T Bone Steak £1 PMP

More in the box, less out of stocks

KP Snacks is to launch larger cases across its £1 Price Mark Pack (PMP) range to help retailers better manage demand for the best-selling format.

Offering value to both retailers and customers alike, PMPs continue to be a popular snacking format with 82% of retailers believing it’s important to stock PMP to stay competitive (HIM 2018). PMP continues to outperform other pack formats, with KP Snacks’ range growing +31% ahead of the market (+24%)[i] . Their rising popularity was highlighted as a key challenge by SnacKPartner Ambassadors at a recent forum, who discussed the difficulties of keeping their £1 PMP range well-stocked.

Rising from 12 to 16 packs, the larger new cases will not only make stock last longer but have been redesigned to be stackable and also include a punch hole for easy set-up and maintenance of secondary displays. They will be available from 30th September across Skips, NikNaks, Space Raiders, Big Hoops, McCoy’s, McCoy’s Chips and the new Roysters,PMP. The case changes will be another example of KP Snacks implementing SnacKPartner feedback.

Further capitalising on the success of the PMP format, KP Snacks is also launching a Roysters T Bone Steak £1 PMP which will be available from 15th October.

Popular with consumers, Roysters has an RSV of £4.6m and is growing at +4% YoY (Nielsen 11.08.18), with Impulse a key channel. The new Roysters T Bone Steak £1 PMP aims to grow the brand’s market share and offers consumers further choice within the value sector.

Raj Aggarwal, Spar Retailer in Sheffield and SnacKPartner Ambassador, says: “It’s great to see KP Snacks taking on board our feedback. It demonstrates their commitment to listening to retailers and acting on what’s discussed in our SnacKPartner forums. The larger, stackable cases will look smart in store and help retailers by reducing the regularity with which they need to restock.”

Matt Collins, Sales Director for Convenience, Wholesale, Discounters & Foodservice at KP Snacks, said: “We’re delighted to announce the case size change as a result of SnacKPartner feedback. Sales of PMPs are booming. By making our case sizes bigger, we hope to help retailers to manage this demand and avoid losing sales from out of stocks. The launch of the new Roysters T Bone Steak £1 PMP will further help retailers to capitalise on this growing format.”