The Lanes Health story began over 90 years ago in 1930 with Gilbert Lane and his wife Grace, who founded the business.

Gilbert was a true pioneer and passionate about improving health and quality of life through a good diet and supplementation, using carefully selected plants and nutrients.

In all decisions and across all business areas, the company upholds a strong ethical code of respecting people and working for the good of the planet as it aims to build a sustainable, profitable and high performing business for the future.

Lanes Health has always had the ambition to grow its business and achieve its goals while always staying true to the principles that the company was built on.

Jonathan Groves, Executive Chairman at Lanes Health tells Wholesale Manager what are the biggest challenges and opportunities presented by running a family business.

What lessons have Lanes Health learned about running a family business?

There are three main lessons we’ve learned. The first is around successfully investing in the business. Whilst as a family business, we already have the foundations of our company laid by the previous generations, it’s important to still drive innovation and investment into the business in order to propel it forward. For example, in 2023 we launched a sugar-free Jakemans in response to those actively looking to reduce their sugar intake, and we’ve got some exciting new flavours in the pipeline. We also recently launched our Pro Plus effervescent product for those looking for an alternative to tablets.

Secondly, it’s so important to invest in your team. Those doing the work on the ground and delivering our products to the customers are central to our business and we see each and every employee as a member of the Lanes Health family. A strong employer brand is how you attract and retain top talent who make all the difference to what you’re doing.

Finally, we’ve learned a lot about investing in our future. We are never afraid to innovate at Lanes Health, as what might have worked for our predecessors may not work now for the current business. Being able to adapt quickly to the landscape without external stakeholders causing hold-ups is a huge advantage of our family business, so it’s essential to make the most of it.



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