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unp-le-crunchLE CRUNCH hit core UK promotion targets as strong results were indicated this week covering the French apple brand’s 2008 – 2009 in-store campaign and national schools programme that spanned the entire season.

Early in-store figures suggest that sales of Le Crunch apples were up 30 percent in volume on average during the promotional period which covered five retailers and six wholesale markets. Le Crunch apples were involved in 16 full weeks of promotional presence across the retailers including on-pack promotions and 600 days of sampling.

The well-established ‘Le Crunch’ health education programme also reached thousands of primary pupils and their parents and offered a prize of £3000 for playground equipment and healthy eating initiatives.

In an independent survey of member schools, 90 percent of respondents believed that Le Crunch Crew characters had encouraged pupils to eat more apples. Almost 70 percent of schools said more fruit had been made available to pupils as a result of using the Le Crunch materials through initiatives such as fruit tuck shops and healthy breakfast clubs.

Recent research showing families are making more packed lunches than a year ago (Mintel 27.03.09) is good news for supermarket sales, with schools ‘becoming more strict on what is and isn’t allowed in their childrens’ lunchboxes’ (17.12.08).

Jacques Vanoye, President of the French Apples Marketing Commission said: “The Le Crunch promotional programme supports sales by engaging parents, children and communities in healthy eating at the same time as echoing consumer trends towards quality and convenience.“

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