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the-tabasco-british-oyster.jpgMonday 1st September saw Britain’s fastest oyster openers come together and compete for the title: The Tabasco British Oyster Opener of the Year. The championship was held at Bentley’s Oyster Bar and Grill where 15 hopefuls battled it out to become this year’s champion. Armanado Lema of Coastline – La Brocca was crowned the champion. He opened 30 Loch Ryan Native oysters in a staggering 3 minutes 40 seconds – 6 seconds faster than Fredrik Lindfors (last year’s winner) who gracefully handed over the title.

“Each year the standard of shuckers becomes higher,” says Chris Leftwich, Chief Inspector of Billingsgate Market. “I’ve been judging this competition for a number of years and I can honestly say that this year has been the closest yet. The top six entries showed tremendous care and accuracy and the speed in which they open these oysters is phenomenal.”

The Tabasco British Oyster Opening Championship formally marks the start of the native oyster season; the event attracts a plethora of industry figures and always is an afternoon to remember.

Bentley’s provided tremendous hospitality including trays full of native oysters served with Tabasco Pepper Sauce, of course.

For further details on the Tabasco British Oyster Opener of the Year call Tess Robinson at FoodMatters on 020 7371 6466

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