In today’s business world, glare control in commercial spaces is accepted as essential. Everyone wants staff to be comfortable at work.


Therefore, it is crucial to design a lighting scheme that’s kind, efficient and glare-free. After all, happy staff are productive staff.

But what about warehouses? Staff are constantly working in such spaces, but far less consideration seems given to their needs. In the UK, we have for many years illuminated warehouses with golden sodium or metal halide, which gives a harsh white colour.

A new world of kinder warehouse lights Lumilow has often championed how employers must consider the feelings of employees when specifying lighting upgrades. Factors to consider include reducing glare and choosing lighting which gives off a pleasant colour rather than harsh or unnatural tones. This is particularly important in warehouse environments, where staff often work unsociable hours under artificial light.

“We have launched our new and upgraded LED High Bay luminaire, which has a very similar glare rating to our commercial office range, UGR<19,” begins Andy Chell, Managing Director of Lumilow Lighting.

“This makes it extremely efficient but also makes for a comfortable, glare-free working environment; happy staff are productive staff.”

Chell explains that lens design is vitally important for both efficiency and glare-free operation. Various options are available depending on the particular application, from open area lenses to high racking lenses.

“In addition, the luminaire is very small and compact and at only 4kg, extremely light.

This means that they are extremely easy and quick to install.”

Chell also advises that lighting is only as good as the control, which is why Lumilow has designed a space within the centre of the luminaire for a sensor – eliminating the need for unsightly wiring.

Various dimming options can also be incorporated, including remote programming from ground level via a smartphone.

“The High Bay meets IP65 as standard and IK07, making it ideal for hazardous environments,” says Chell.

“Only quality branded components are used; Samsung LED chips and a Meanwell LED driver. The latest technology LED chips are extremely efficient, giving 130 luminaire lumens per circuit watt.”

Importantly, Lumilow’s High Bay has a colour temperature of 4000K, a pleasant white light which is comfortable to work under.

All in all, Lumilow’s High Bay luminaire has much to offer the warehousing sector.

For kinder, more productive warehouse lighting that puts staff first, there is really no further to look.

Lumilow staff wellbeing focus; the vital edge of glare-free LEDs in warehousing

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