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cx_flex_beforeWatco, the leading UK direct supplier of building maintenance solutions, has launched Concrex® Flex, a new version of its best selling epoxy repair mortar, specifically for concrete areas subject to movement and vibrations.

Easy-to-apply, long lasting and virtually indestructible, Watco Concrex ® Flex is unlike any other repair mortars. Formulated to enable movement, it is an extremely strong, flexible epoxy mortar, ideal for repairing damaged expansion joints, ramps or concrete areas around vibrating machinery.
As per all other Concrex® products, Watco Concrex® Flex requires no water, is quicker drying and 8 times tougher than concrete. It can also be feather-edged to zero, which means the smooth finish will not chip away, and painted over if required.

cx_flex_applWatco Concrex® Flex is ready for use in minutes – simply mix the Concrex® resin with the curing agent and apply to a clean, dust free floor. Once mixed, it has a 30 minute working time and is ready for heavy traffic in 8-12 hours at 20°C.

To request a free sample or further product information, call 01483 791 456, email or visit mentioning this publication.


Tel: 01483 791 456


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