Running out of space in any business premises can be a nightmare, but if you can’t extend up or out because of lack of space, building restrictions or lack of cash flow, you should think of installing a mezzanine floor. It makes a lot of sense if you have a building which is too high for your present needs – you own that space above your head, so you might just as well make it work for you. Apart from being much cheaper than an extension, a mezzanine floor can be installed in a fraction of the time. If you choose the right company who specialise in installing mezzanines they will know what is required in terms of building regulations such as ensuring they have a one hour fire protection ceiling suspended under the new floor, so safety is not forgotten either. You can use the mezzanine level for any purpose but many people find it is great for offices, with warehousing or public interaction space below.


Mezzanine floors can be made to look as much as possible like the current interior of your space and many people visiting after the work has been done have to think a while before they work out what is different – always a sign that the job was a good idea. For businesses that are not yet ready for a mezzanine floor, some good quality shelving can make all the difference to the interior of a business space.

Apart from the look of the thing, the wrong kind of shelves can be really dangerous. Depending on what is being stored on them, they need to have the proper weight bearing capacity or they are a disaster waiting to happen. Sometimes shelves which are too weak can hold a load for some time, only to collapse when the items are being moved or just one more thing is added. The extra thing need not be particularly heavy but it is the straw that breaks the camel’s back.

When shelving is badly designed, things tend to get left on the floor and then a workspace quickly gets untidy and more importantly, dangerous. As soon as a pile of rubbish starts to build up, an accident is waiting in the wings. Whether it is seeping liquid causing a slip hazard or a sliding load or even the risk of something heavy falling on a passer-by, nothing is safely stored unless it is on a properly designated shelf of the right length and load bearing capacity. It isn’t just a matter of safety either. Staff can get very demoralised and fed up if their working space is messy and with that mood comes lax habits which make accidents even more likely than before. The correct shelving is relatively simple to source and can make all the difference to productivity and sales. The correct shelving is easier to load and unload, which speeds up processing of orders and makes stock control much simpler too.

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