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ESR5000-011-01Crown’s multiple award-winning ESR 5000 Series reach truck is now available with a new productivity boosting range of standard and optional features. Most notably, the new truck features Crown’s Optimised Cornering Speed system (OCS) as standard, an increased top speed and a lift height extended to 13 metres.

The new OCS system ensures the truck runs smoothly and safely without unnecessarily reducing speed. The system does more than just identify steering angle – it can tell whether the truck is going into (or coming out of) a turn and adjusts the truck’s speed accordingly. As well as greater stability, this system offers enhanced operator productivity.

Further productivity gains have been met via the maximum travel speed of 14kph. However, this speed can easily be reduced using Crown’s unique Access123® control system.

But Crown has done more to enhance the performance of the ESR 5000 than just raise the speed; with the Super Duty mast, the reach truck now has an impressive residual capacity of 800kg at a lift height of 13 metres.

As if winning the iF Gold Award and the IDEA Gold Award wasn’t enough, Crown has further enhanced lift truck performance and operator productivity with these latest ESR 5000 updates.


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