With the British Nutrition Foundation recommending a daily target of 25g of fibre for a balanced diet , French bakery manufacturer, Délifrance UK, has launched a “rich-in-fibre” bread range to offer more choice for health conscious consumers and greater balance for caterer menus.

The fuller-for-longer range complements and supports the trend for high in fibre snacking products, breakfast cereals and even yoghurts which cater for the consumer desire to keep hunger at bay.

The new range has been developed with a source of fibre which is exclusive to Délifrance UK’s milling division Grand Moulins de Paris. The company’s flour millers extract the aleurone layer of the wheat grain, known in France as the “wonderful layer” which contains nutrients such as vitamins, minerals and fibres and gives the flour its depth of goodness. The breads also contain a mix of six seeds including yellow and brown linseeds and millet, poppy, pumpkin and sunflower seeds.

The breads are available in a pavé loaf and baguettes and are launched alongside over 30 additional new lines.

“According to some nutritionists a fibre-rich diet may improve digestion and help consumers stay fuller for longer and may reduce the need to snack and drive a new demand for a high fibre offering from caterers,” explains Délifrance Head of Foodservice Lucy Pickersgill.

“The consumer is more aware than ever about having a balanced diet which means caterers need to be aware of daily guideline amounts and diet trends. Our new “fuller for longer / rich in fibre” range is packed with seeds and wheat grain fibre which satisfies a balanced diet by improving digestive transit, helping people feel fuller for longer.”

The versatile range is visually stunning thanks to the assortment of striking seeds and the crispy stone baked crumb and can be used as sandwich carriers, a bread basket addition or tasty soup accompaniment. The range is available in boxes of 24 pavé loaves or cases of 40 baguettes. Both are baked from frozen within 15 minutes, ideal for a busy caterer.


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