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NFT, the UK’s leading chilled food and drink distributor, has deployed an innovative new system solution for proof of delivery (POD) which will provide greater visibility and transparency across the entire logistics supply chain.  Developed and installed by e-docs UK, the solution efficiently handles over 100,000 PODs every week with a web-based, query management system that enables customers to rapidly identify and resolve any discrepancies on a timely basis.

According to Andrew De Vere, NFT’s Director of Warehouse Operations with responsibility for Customer Services:  “We are committed to developing our infrastructure to increase operational efficiency and achieve optimum satisfaction levels.  This new technology solution will enable our customer services team to be more productive, spend more time building relationships with clients and handle any issues that occur along the supply chain.”

The new system enables all supplier PODs and retailer goods receipt notes to be scanned and uploaded to the e-docs UK OneView servers where over 85% can be viewed by the next day.  Every document is indexed using multiple criteria including supplier name, PO number, delivery date and delivery point, which speeds up the search and retrieval process.  Customers now have direct access to all delivery documentation enabling them to rapidly locate and resolve discrepancies and keep on top of supermarket returns.

NFT’s new web-based, query management system enables customers to log and monitor queries and related responses, with every request being automatically allocated to an advisor for action.  The system also has a powerful reporting capability that allows NFT to effectively measure and manage the performance of the customer services team to ensure that targets for improving service levels and customer satisfaction are met.

“The e-docs UK system meets the needs of food and drink manufacturers for rapid and timely access to delivery documents and enables our customer services team to be more productive looking after customers rather than spending their time trying to track down paperwork,” continued Andrew De Vere.  “Over the last three years we have invested over £20m in technology and infrastructure solutions, and this new system is helping to consolidate our position at the forefront of chilled, time-critical logistics.”

e-docs UK worked closely in partnership with NFT’s customer services team throughout the deployment process to clean up existing data and streamline processes in readiness for the new system.  The company is now enhancing the system to provide more reporting and traceability.  Additional search filters will provide third party logistics suppliers, working on behalf of NFT, with the same level of access to all their delivery documentation.

Established in 1988, e-docs UK is a leading independent provider of Business Process Optimisation services that give customers greater control over documents and processes along with major improvements in productivity and efficiency.  e-docs UK works with some of the world’s largest companies through to smaller SMB enterprises in a wide range of market sectors including logistics, finance, manufacturing and healthcare. Please visit or contact:

e-docs UK

Colin Baterip

01992 80186


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