The new Atlet Tergo range comprises five advanced reach trucks designed to provide the most ergonomic, efficient and productive performance in all types of materials handling operation. The trucks have maximum working loads from 1200 to 2500kg and lift heights up to 12.1m to provide operators with total flexibility and choice across a complete range of applications. The most powerful trucks in the range are designed to stack higher, heavier and faster in the most demanding and intensive 24/7 operations such as retail and food distribution. The smaller and compact models are designed for operations where lighter loads and lower lifting heights are the norm, such as newer and growing businesses, and include the first reach truck from Atlet to offer 1200kg capacity.

The original Atlet Tergo range was introduced in 1993 and these new fifth-generation trucks build on the advances and success of their predecessors to take ergonomics and comfort to new levels. Analysis by Atlet showed that every hour on average reach truck operators make 2000 arm and 1000 head movements, spend 10% of the time looking upwards, 20% travelling backwards and 70% forwards. The new Tergo operator environment has been redesigned to minimise fatigue, strain and stress associated with this type of work.

Each model is packed with features designed to make them the most ergonomic and personalised trucks on the market. The mini steer wheel with floating arm rest, a unique Atlet innovation, and the tilting seat pioneered on earlier models are retained and improved to reduce strain on the neck and shoulders. New features include adjustable seat suspension to optimise the position and cushioning for each operator. An adjustable height foot rest helps to ensure a comfortable posture for operators of all sizes. The arm rest and controls can also be set for a stress-free body position. Up to nine different adjustments can be made.

The seat on the larger models has a unique, ergonomic patent-pending backrest that can tilt up to 18o to reduce neck and back strain when handling at high levels. The backrest is tall and narrow and adjusts conveniently to the weight and shape of the operator for maximum comfort. This also allows the operator to turn towards the direction of travel much more easily for reduced risk of repetitive strain injuries.

Chalmers University of Technology in Gothenburg carried out a comparative ergonomic evaluation study of the Atlet Tergo with reach trucks from three other manufacturers. This showed that the Tergo offered more ergonomic working postures than the other trucks.

The Pro Vision mast with integrated hydraulics is designed to promote excellent all-round visibility of the working area, racking and load for optimum operating safety. A new mast damping system and extremely quiet transmission and hydraulics ensure the Tergo has the lowest noise levels on the market at just 58-61dB, depending on model, at the operator’s ear. The combined effect of the design advances is to reduce full body vibration by 25% compared to the previous model.

Productivity is promoted by innovative features. The trucks can operate at up to 14km/h, making them some of the fastest available. The operator can change truck direction hands-free using the accelerator pedal for simpler manoeuvrability. The unique three-way Ergo Logic II multi-function controller provides single-handed control over lifting, lowering and tilting.

The intuitive dashboard and control interface incorporates a clean instrument layout. The finger tip control panel are perfectly positioned and angled towards the operator for optimum viewing, control and safety. All of the important operator information, activated functions and safety indicators are clearly displayed.

The new DCC – dynamic cornering control – automatically reduces the speed of the truck to a safe level when cornering without any intervention by the operator. DCC is included in all Tergo reach trucks equipped with S3, Atlet’s established S3 Stability Support System boosts operator driving confidence with industry-leading safety performance. This automatically maintains driving stability in a wide range of situations with functions such as DCC and Optimised Performance Control, which adapts mast lift and reach speed to maximise stability and safety when handling loads at high levels. Options include Level Assistance System which ensures faster and safer load handling by controlling the movement of the forks to the correct height and Active Spin Reduction which maintains safe working speeds and other parameters on low-friction floors.

The truck’s on-board Atlet Truck Computer (ATC) manages truck operations and supports efficient maintenance. It enables PIN access control which prevents unauthorised use and allows truck performance parameters, including maximum forward, reverse and cornering speeds, lifting and reach speeds, to be optimised for individual operators. This means, for example, that newly qualified operators can be restricted to slower speeds than experienced colleagues until they are proficient.

All Atlet trucks are designed according to the company’s modular concept with all models across its warehouse range based on just seven chassis types. This ensures excellent component commonality which means fewer spare parts are required to remedy the majority of service issues. The ATC also provides on-board diagnosis technology which allows service engineers to identify maintenance requirements quickly and easily and return the truck to productive operations in the shortest possible time.

The combination of advanced diagnostics and component commonality means that Atlet’s mobile service engineers can provide a first time fix rate of 95 per cent and truck uptime of more than 98 per cent. The trucks and components are designed for low energy consumption and extended service intervals which promotes sustainability and further reduces overall cost of ownership.

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