Gemini Data Loggers, manufacturer of the Tinytag range, has announced new Plus LAN data loggers, which provide automatic temperature monitoring with data available for immediate viewing at a central location. The new loggers simply plug into a network point and send information for viewing in the Tinytag Explorer Connect software– an easy to use Windows program – by any permitted user on a network at the convenience of their own desk.

Temperature and relative humidity loggers in the range are ideal for use in the food and logistics industries where conditions need to be monitored and recorded for ongoing verification. They monitor across multiple locations which may include warehouses, cold stores, fridges and freezers, production areas and offices.

Mix and Match

Plus LAN loggers can be mixed and matched with existing Tinytag Radio data loggers within a system to meet particular site layout and infrastructure requirements.

• Radio and Ethernet connectivity

• Automatic data collection

• Remote data access via a LAN

• Global system view in Tinytag Explorer Connect software

• Alarm warnings

• Ease of use and flexibility

Radio loggers self-configure to form a mesh network and send their data via a receiver for viewing on a PC or across the LAN. Radio loggers are also used to monitor temperature in refrigerated vehicles, storing data locally while the vehicle is out and then automatically offloading it on return to the depot and within range of the mesh network.

LAN loggers are ideal for applications where radio signals may be problematic due to range or physical obstructions. For example, LAN loggers can be used in metallined walk in fridges/freezers, or where a remote monitoring point is required outside the range of an existing Radio System, wherever a convenient network point is available.

Both radio and LAN loggers will keep recording locally in the event of communications problems, and will transmit their data once the connection is restored. Immediate alarm notifications are generated if conditions fall outside user-defined limits.

Gemini Data Loggers has been manufacturing the Tinytag range of data loggers in the UK since 1984, and trades globally with a network of over 40 distributors.


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