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The Irish manufacturer of a wide range of innovative and customised handling solutions, Combilift, has had a good start to 2020 with nominations for two of its products for a prestigious Award. For the second year in a row the company is a finalist in the IFOY Awards (International Intralogistics and Forklift Truck of the Year) which honours the best products and solutions of the year.

The Combi-CS pedestrian counterbalance stacker has been nominated in the Warehouse Truck Lowlifter Category. This particular model has proved to be a popular choice for back of store and retail operations as its design and features guarantee maximum safety – in areas where not only operators work but where other personnel on foot or members of the public may be present.

The Combi-CS is the only pedestrian counterbalance stacker that will operate in a conventional reach truck aisle for space saving and productive storage and handling. It features Combilift’s unique, internationally patented and award winning multi-position tiller arm which can be turned to the left or right of the unit to position the rear drive wheel, allowing the operator to remain at the side of the machine rather than at the rear as is the case with other pedestrian stackers. This ensures optimum visibility of the load, the forks and the and surroundings and substantially reduces the risk of accidents or incidents in narrow confines.

The other nomination is for the Combi-CBE4 in the Special Vehicle Category. This 4000kg capacity electric powered, all-wheel drive forklift incorporates compact counterbalance design with multidirectional capability for the versatile handling of mixed sized loads. It features the company’s internationally patented independent electric traction (EP.2956350) which provides all front and rear drive wheels with 100% traction control.

“Following the nomination of the Combi-PPT powered pallet truck last year, we are delighted that the IFOY committee has recognised two of our innovative products as being worthy of finalist status in 2020,” said Combilift CEO and Co-founder Martin McVicar.

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