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Spirit Data Capture Limited has announced the introduction of an exciting new version of the Gotive H42 – the Gotive H42 Gorilla. Spirit owns the UK and Ireland distribution rights for Gotive solutions, which incorporate powerful data collection and communication capabilities.

The new Gotive H42 Gorilla is a powerful and rugged handheld communicator with an extensive range of built-in options. In total, the new model incorporates over 100 improvements in mechanics, hardware, software and field usability. For instance, the new version has an exceptionally large 6.2 inch LED screen with a lower energy consumption and better battery capacity usage. All of the changes are fully compatible with the previous versions of the H42 series.

Other new features include superior power management and operating time. The device has a high-performance Intel XScale™ processor and benefits from 128 MB RAM and 2GB Flash Memory. The Gorilla is ideal for applications in the transport and logistics, warehousing and distribution, utilities and many other sectors.

Gotive is planning further developments this year, including WIN CE 6.0, 3G GSM, a 2D imager, and a camera or accelerometer.

Ebbie Khadem, Spirit’s Managing Director, comments: “We are looking forward to selling the Gotive H42 Gorilla. This new model is a valuable new edition to the devices we offer to our customers, who come from a wide range of industry, commerce and government sectors.”

Spirit Data Capture

Helen Jones

Tel: 01928 718800


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