euroshowergels.jpgIn a major product streamlining and packaging redesign project, Sara Lee is re launching its prestigious shower gel brands Duschdas, Radox, Monsavon and Badedas throughout Europe in harmonised headstand packaging with an evolutionary silicone valve dispensing closure designed and produced by Zeller Plastik U.K. Representing a significant move to convenience packaging in mainland Europe, Duschdas in Germany and Austria, Monsavon in France and Badedas in Italy and the Netherlands have adopted the familiar sail shaped 250ml PP headstand valve pack for the first time. Radox, which has used ZelValve dispensing for many years, retains its slightly taller profile and foldout shower hook for the U.K. market. The headstand format has the advantage over upright packs of consistent non-drip dispensing with clean product cut-off and minimal product wastage on disposal. Critical to the function of headstand packs and integral to Sara Lee’s marketing strategy is the reliable ZelValve non-drip dispensing system.

Zeller Plastik U.K. has installed two high-speed stack mould production lines with in-line assembly operations to meet the four-fold increase in volume needed to satisfy Sara Lee’s European requirements. Utilising valve sub-assembly technology, the new closure is lighter in weight than the previous version developed for Radox in 2005 and technically enhanced to improve capping performance on Sara Lee’s high speed filling lines. Steven Jordan, NPD Project Manager commented: “This has been a massive project for Sara Lee and Zeller Plastik and to give credit where it’s due, the people at Zeller made it much easier for us by ensuring the project ran very smoothly from the start, which is quite an achievement when you take into account the scale and complexity.”

The packs are designed to be left open and ready for use for optimum consumer convenience as the hinged lid snaps into a recess in the back of the closure and is only required as a transit seal. Closures are being produced in eleven colours to suit all product variants. Radox, Duschdas, Monsavon and Badedas are registered trade marks.

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