100% hands-free & eyes-free with the new hardware suite Elite Edition Efficient, reliable and robust – these are the features of the new hardware trio Elite Edition by topVox. In addition to the mobile speech client Voxter(R) and the wireless backhand scanner Voxter(R) Scan, the new BlueMaster headset has just completed the new innovative hardware series for a successful voice deployment in production, servicing any intra-logistics.


The handy Voxter(R) Elite Edition forms the centre of the new hardware suite. With its technical specification and components it currently ranks first among mobile voice computers and offers the fastest voice recognition system for Pick by Voice users.

The features of the Voxter(R) have been optimised for voice-based picking in harsh working environments such as warehouses and production areas.

With dimensions of 103 mm x 65 mm x 44.2 mm, the Voxter is the smallest and most powerful mobile voice computer available today and can be comfortably worn on a belt, giving warehouse workers maximum freedom of movement. The Voxter(R) is purpose built for the harshest of industrial environments with a protection rating of IP67 making it dust and water proof.

Even when it comes to operability Voxter(R) is the simplest and easiest to use as all commands such as speed, volume, mute and even the WiFi telephone system are all easily controlled with Voice commands. Only an ‘on / off’ switch is required.

The Voxter is backed-up by the unique Bluetooth backhand scanner Voxter(R) Scan Elite Edition. A feature of the new barcode reader that stands out is its compact exterior and the low weight of only 100 g, which makes it comfortable to wear on the back of the hand. Also very much in the spirit of ergonomics is the ‘auto trigger’ that automatically activates the scan when the respective barcode is approached and only at the appropriate point in the process.

The new headset ‘BlueMaster’ is wireless as well. Like Voxter and Voxter Scan, the BlueMaster is highly engineered to exacting standards making it light weight, very comfortable to wear and, thanks to its rechargeable battery the BlueMaster can operate continuously in multiple-shift operations.

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