bakers-basco.jpgPHS Teacrate the UK’s leading supplier of returnable transit packaging (RTP) is helping bread basket supplier Bakers Basco in their fight to reduce the number of baskets and other equipment being used illegally. Historically a staggering number of baskets a week are being ‘lost’ costing the baking industry millions.

Basco’s national team of recovery officers working in conjunction with the Police, Trading Standards, Customs officials and Environmental Health are carrying out raids on a wide range of businesses suspected of using stolen equipment. Bakers, caterers, poultry farms, market stalls and even erotic DVD distributors are just some of the types of businesses targeted by the recovery team.

Offenders face prosecution, heavy fines and the seizure of the equipment, which presents the business owner with the problem of quickly obtaining replacements to allow him to continue trading.

“Replacing the recovered baskets is a real headache for the people we visit,” said Basco’s Recovery Manager Gavin McSweeny. “But we’re not trying to close their businesses down, we just want our property back.”

As a responsible business, the management at Basco were keen to offer a lifeline to offenders by providing them with a legitimate alternative to using their baskets. After considering several options PHS Teacrate were recommended by the company to offer a 24 hour nationwide replacement service.

“With our infrastructure and range of products we can deliver any number of crates anywhere in the country within 24 hours. Our ability to respond to companies that have been visited by the BASCO recovery team is critical to ensure the offending business has continuity of supply ” said Teacrate’s Sales Manager Bill Smith. “We offer the flexibility of rental or purchase to suit the client’s budgets which means the financial outlay is kept to a minimum, and that’s a big help, especially after a hefty fine.”

PHS Teacrate’s partnership with Bakers BASCO has already proved a big success in the recovery of 10,000’s illegal baskets across the UK.

Basco hopes the threat of being visited by its expanding team of recovery officers and the provision of an affordable viable alternative will encourage more businesses to change their ways.

PHS Teacrate
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